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GSP North America has been in the industry for more than twenty years, and they know exactly how important CV boots, CV joints, and axles are for both rear-wheel-driven and front-wheel-driven vehicles. You see, the vehicle's axle provides the necessary power coming from the transmission to the drive wheels. But the axle has one weak point-its CV joint's boots. Constant velocity joints allow the axle to bend while the vehicle is turning. And when the CV joint's boots wear, grease coming from the axle leaks out. And this can cause your axle and the joint to tear each other apart because lost of lubrication. That's why GSP North America provides premium quality CV boots, CV joints, and axles when you've given up on your old parts.

It's a pain to know that eventually after around 150,000 miles, your CV joints and axles will need to be replaced. And it's even alarming to hear that you may get into an accident if you leave your CV boots unchecked. So when you feel that you're having a hard time moving your steering wheel and when you hear clunking or knocking sounds while turning, it means that your axle is grinding into your CV joints. And this is caused by worn CV boots causing grease that lubricates the CV joint and the axle to leak out. Eventually rust can form around the area where the CV joint and the axle connect causing these parts to wear down prematurely. And you might not be able to prevent this from happening if you just replace your CV boots with that of other brands.

That's why you should get reliable replacements for your CV boots, CV joints, and axles-one possible source is GSP North America. With more than 2000 highly motivated employees backing up this company in creating revolutionary products, the brand garnered an ISO certification in 1999 and a TS 16949 certification for quality in 2006. This guarantees that the products this company provides are top-quality, capable of tough and lasting performance.