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Trust only the quality filtration process done by Hasting oil and fuel filters to help enhance the overall performance of your ride.
Can't gather the guts to drink contaminated water? Since water is one of our sources of life, you'd at least expect it to be clean whenever you drink it, right? Well, vehicles expect the same thing, too. But instead of clean water, they enjoy taking in clean oil and fuel. It's because of this need that Hastings has been around for quite some time now. Specializing in developing various filters, the company has dedicated itself in providing only the best oil and fuel filters for today's vehicles.
So how does Hasting do it? For fuel filters, it eliminated what was once a standard in the component: plastic bowl separators. Since they're considered road hazards, susceptible to leaks, and difficult to replace, the company decided that its fuel filter can do away with them. In its place, Hastings incorporated the use of a metallic self-venting drain. Thanks to this new feature, drivers can now say goodbye to messy leaks and the hassles of replacing these plastic bowls. Aside from eliminating inconveniences, this new feature allows fuel to flow freely. For its oil filters, the company has used heavy-duty cans with metallic end caps and base plates for added durability and strength. The company also focused its attention of having in its oil filters high-quality rubber seals and nitrile gaskets to effectively keep dirt out and stop leaks. Lastly, Hastings inserted a unique anti-drainback valve into the fold, which enables its oil filter to contain the oil and keep it from escaping. Too, this helps in preventing engine knocks and engine wear.
When it comes to oil and fuel filtration, trust only Hastings to get the job done. By combining unique technology with in-depth testing and analysis, it's able to provide car owners with products that enhance the performance of their cars.

Hastings Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Hastings Product, For the Right Job

    Your body is not the only thing that needs clean air. Cars, trucks, buses, and all sorts of vehicles also need clean air in order for their engines to combust fuel efficiently. That is why if you are looking for top-quality air filters, you can get them from Hastings because this company has been producing filtration products for over sixty years. And the air filters this company creates are proven to enhance the performance of millions of vehicles all over the world and at the same time decrease the pollutants coming out of the vehicles' exhaust pipes.

    You may not have thought about it, but the vehicle's air filters are like the filtration system of our own bodies. The air that we breathe-especially if we live in the city-is not clean. There are industrial plants, pesticides, air conditioning units, cigars, and many others contributing factors to air pollution-if our bodies are not equipped with a fully-functional filtration system, our health will be at great risk. It's the same for vehicles. Without durable air filters from Hastings, the dirty air coming from outside will force the engine to work harder in combusting fuel, entirely decreasing the performance of the vehicle. And when fuel is not used well by the engine, the result is exhaust gases coming out of your vehicle that can add to the existing pollution in the air.

    But with top-notch air filters coming from Hastings, your car can turn into a 'green' machine. With durable air filters, air coming inside you engine becomes cleaner. And this air mixes with your vehicle's fuel enhancing engine combustion to produce clearer and cleaner exhaust gases; thus, contributing to the reduction of air pollution.