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Want higher-performing breaks tailor-made for your car? Presenting Hawk Brakes, the best braking solution for your vehicle/

Hawk Brakes simply means high performance and low dust and rotor wear. Hawk Brakes are available in many formulations and for many cars, hence they are ideal for tailoring a specific braking solution to your vehicle. With Hawk Brakes, you get less rotor wear, reduced dust, reduced noise, and improved stopping distance/ What could be better than that? No wonder Hawk Brakes are the performance pad brand most high performance manufacturers specify for their brake products.

There are also Green Filters Cold Air Intake that are designed for maximum air flow with a vortex-like spin making you achieve better fuel economy, horsepower and torque because of its deep filter pleats and multi-layer cotton gauze construction.

Pad life, friction, performance. Hawk Brakes deliver these and more. So when the need for a brake pad replacement on your performance vehicle arises, don't settle for mediocre and factory braking performance. Install Hawk Brakes with the Hawk Brake Pads and Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads on

Hawk Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Hawk Brake Pads

    The proving ground for an after market auto performance product is the racetrack and Hawk Brakes are no exception to the rule. In fact, Hawk Brakes are setting the industry standard. Wellman Products Group, the world's leading manufacturer of severe-duty friction products owns and manufactures Hawk Brakes, and they have nearly a century of engineering and manufacturing experience. Hawk Brakes are also have experience meeting the performance demands common to the arenas of NASCAR, Circle Track, Rally/Road and Drag racing. Of course not everyone races, but thanks to Hawk Brakes, even the performance enthusiast can experience "Race Proven" quality and performance. Hawk Brakes manufactures a variety of brakes for your domestic and imported automobile, SUV, sport-truck, or van.
    Hawk Brake Pads are available to both the professional racer and also standard street legal pads for the ultimate in high performance braking power. Hawk Brake Pads are made in two varieties for domestic and imported automobiles. The HPS variety is a Ferro-carbon compound which is an engineering combination of aerospace technology applied to motor sports. Hawk Brake Pads also come in Performance Ceramic which is a specially formulated ceramic composite developed to meet the ultra-low dust, low noise. Low-abrasion performance of OE ceramic brake pads. Thanks to their linear friction resistance profile, these Hawk Brake Pads will provide quiet, clean and fast-stopping performance. The Performance Ceramic is also recommended for domestic or imported luxury SUV's, sport trucks, and vans. Whether you are street-driving or circuit-racing, when you are looking for performance brakes, Hawk Brake Pads are in an industry-leading class by themselves.
    The Hawk Ceramic Brake Pad delivers the ultimate stopping power in an extremely low dust, low noise ceramic brake pad called Performance Ceramic. Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads are designed to reduce brake NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness),thus creating ultra-quiet brake pad performance. The ceramic brake pad formula for the Hawk Ceramic Brake Pad has a linear friction profile that makes your ABS brake system work more effectively. With Hawk Ceramic Brake Pad you will get reduced brake pad wear, lower dust output levels and a rotor-friendly brake pad. With these features, you can driveand brakewith confidence. The Hawk's industry-best stopping power means a safer ride for you and your family. Reduced wear and prolonged rotor will lower your long-term maintenance costs. Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads are recommended for imported and domestic automobiles, luxury SUV's, sports trucks & vans.

  • Choosing the Right Hawk Product, For the Right Job

    Hawk brakes are the performance pad brand most high performance manufacturers specify for their brake products

    You can order Hawk brake pads in one of several different formulations allowing you to tailor your braking performance to suit your needs

    Hawk brakes offer reduced rotor wear, reduced dust, reduced noise, and improved stopping distancesno wonder they're the best!

    Hawk ceramic brake pads are the best way to control brake dust while improving your brake performance

    What makes Hawk brakes the brand more aftermarket manufacturers specify for use with their rotors and calipers? With participation at both the street performance and pure race levels, Hawk brakes are available in many formulations and for many cars, making them ideal for tailoring a specific braking solution to your vehicle. Do you want high performance with low dust and rotor wear? Hawk brakes has a special pad compound for you. On the other hand, do you want the best autocross performance possible? Again, there are Hawk brakes perfectly suited to your needs. With thousands of applications, Hawk brakes can be ordered as an exact fit for your factory pads but with vastly improved performance. You don't have to sacrifice pad life for friction, and you don't have to sacrifice performance for longevity: Hawk brakes can deliver both. So when the time comes for brake pad replacement on your performance vehicle, don't settle for factory or OE braking performance. Install Hawk brakes on your ride and see the advantages from your pocketbook and your right foot.

    You've installed the popular HPS line of Hawk brake pads on your Corvette. What can you expect to see over stock? First off, your Hawk brake pads will most likely generate less dust than your factory pads, which is good from an aesthetic angle. Your rotors won't wear faster than with stock pads, and your Hawk brake pads are quiet and last longer than stock. Sounds like a winner, right? That's why more folks install Hawk brake pads than any other performance brake pads. But let's say you and your Vette are going to do some serious track runs. The HP plus from Hawk brake pads might be a better choice. You're going to see more dust and more rotor wear than with stock, but in return the Hawk brake pads will return exceptional friction levels and high heat resistance to ensure your lap times get faster, not slower. And you can use the same Hawk brake pads on the street that you use on the track, keeping you from getting stuck in the pits when you're finished for the weekend. The ability of Hawk brake pads to maintain all-around great braking dynamics is one of the reasons for their popularity. But don't take our word for it. Try a set of Hawk brake pads in street or race formula and see what all the buzz is about.

    There are three things you can do to control brake dust on your vehicle: Not drive, install some sort of wheel shield, or install a Hawk ceramic brake pad set. Option one isn't really an option, and option two may work for some folks. But for most of us, the thought of improved braking along with losing the brake dust has led us to the Hawk ceramic brake pad. Made from a composite of ceramics and other organic materials, Hawk ceramic brake pad sets fit just like your OE pads but they don't break down in the same way. That's why the Hawk ceramic brake pad generates less dust. If dust is your major concern, then you'll be thrilled with the way your car stops with a Hawk ceramic brake pad set installed. High friction combines with low noise to help your brake system work more effectively, lowering your stopping distances. So Hawk ceramic brake pad sets don't just keep things cleaner, they keep you and your family safer. Your brakes are arguably the most important part of your car, so invest in some better technology next time you change them. Invest in Hawk ceramic brake pad components to get the best stopping power without sacrificing dust levels and rotor wear.