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Tinkering through the complexities of your vehicle will be a breeze with a Haynes Manual.

As you grace the pages of Haynes Manual, literally all of the details of construction, maintenance, and repairing of your vehicle are already there. Informative illustrations, photographs, and diagrams lay out every complex task you're likely tackle. The mechanics and writers at Haynes Manual work hand-in-hand to come up with the best possible procedures for the home or do-it-yourself mechanic. The actual work and write instructions are being photographed for easy comprehension for the everyday John Doe.

The Haynes Service Manual can provide practical tips and advice that engineers have overlooked. This user-friendly approach in fixing your car helps not so in-the-know like guys like us to get ample information tinkering your vehicle. With Haynes Repair Manual, you will have a grand time taking a crash course as a mechanic.

your vehicle and you'll get the ultimate riding experience you deserve.

Haynes Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Haynes Repair Manual

    Most professional and at-home mechanics at one time or another, from one car to another has owned a Haynes Manual. Automobile manufacturers, design engineers, dealership mechanics and the writers of the Haynes Manual work together to come up with the best possible procedures for troubleshooting and repairing the vehicle. Once the best procedures have been determined, photographs are taken while the actual work is being performed. The Haynes Manual has photographs of every step, allowing the reader to see the work and follow the corresponding instructions. The Haynes Manual gives a real "hands on" experience and the confidence that the repair will be done right. If you can think of a repair to do, it's in the Haynes Manual. Hundreds of repairs are detailed in the Haynes Manual. Photographic guidelines for everything from routine maintenance to complete engine overhaul. The Haynes Manual even includes vehicle wiring diagrams in the back of each book. If you are into extreme customizing for your compact vehicle, truck, or SUV, there is a Haynes Manual to cover those areas.
    Haynes Repair Manuals cover a wide range of general maintenance and repair work for all kinds of vehicles in their manuals. However, Haynes Repair Manuals also cover specialized procedures in photographic detail in single topic manuals. For example, in cooperation with Holley Carburetors, a Haynes Repair Manual was produced to cover models of Holley carburetors produced from the mid-1960's through the late 1980's. This same Haynes Repair Manual outlines operations of One, Two, Three, and Four barrel carburetors with a complete photo sequence. In depth chapters on basic and high performance design, operations, modifications, and adjustments are also included. If you want to overhaul a Chevy big block, there is a complete Haynes Repair Manual covering that procedure in extreme step-by-step detail. Haynes Repair Manuals are essentially, a "mechanic in a book."
    If you want to perform any mechanical work on your own vehicle, a Haynes Service Manual could be the most important tool in your toolbox. Each Haynes Service Manual covers a complete tear down and rebuild of that specific vehicle. Hundreds of photographs give the reader the complete "hands on" experience. The Haynes Service Manual captures every possible repair or maintenance procedure in progress. The Haynes Service Manual is your mobile mechanic in a book.

  • Haynes: Precision & Technology

    Don't rely on mechanics when you can do the auto maintenance yourself. With a Haynes repair manual at your convenience, you can confidently carry on with simple replacement tasks that your car needs.
    A lot of car owners nowadays are already becoming do-it-yourselfers in terms of repairs. Doing repairs by yourself is practical since taking your car to a shop for a simple repair job already costs hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. It is such a waste of money, especially if you can do the repair by yourself with the help of a detailed repair manual like that from Haynes.
    Haynes is one of the most popular and trusted names when it comes to motorcycle and automotive maintenance and repair manuals. These manuals are written based on hands-on experience of its authors, making the manuals' instructions very reliable. The authors worked in teams to ensure no detail is left out, thus coming up with manuals that have accurate information. The manuals also mention the tools you need for a successful repair job. Complementing the step-by-step instructions in the Haynes manual are illustrations and pictures for easy understanding. Haynes has produced different kinds of repair manuals: Automotive Repair Manuals, Automotive Techbooks, Automotive Extreme Books, among other helpful manuals. Haynes also offers manuals for specific car models and brands, so you know exactly the kind of repair you need to do.
    So save your money on more important automotive upgrades, and do the repair by yourself with the guide of Haynes manuals. Also, you won't find it hard to find a copy because it is widely available online. Simply take your time browsing through online auto parts and accessories shops, and you'll surely find a manual for your vehicle.

  • Choosing the Right Haynes Product, For the Right Job

    With extensive photography and lots of diagrams, Haynes manuals tend to be easier to follow than factory literature

    Each Haynes manual is based on a complete teardown and rebuild of the car about which it is written, so you get real world advice

    Handy facts, figures, and maintenance instructions are easy to find in your Haynes manual

    Haynes manuals always feature time-saving tips based on the writer's experiences repairing the car

    Have you ever flipped through a Haynes manual? They're the most common repair manuals you're likely to encounter in the automotive aftermarket, and for good reason. The Haynes manual for your car or truck is likely to be packed with informative illustrations, photographs, and diagrams laying out every complex task you're likely to tackle. You see, each Haynes manual is based upon a complete teardown and rebuild of a particular car. As the technicians and writers methodically disassemble things, they're constantly photographing and documenting the process so the Haynes manual you get is based on 100% fact. Even factory service manuals don't make this claim, since they're frequently authored by technical writers based on service documentation. A Haynes manual is based on the real world, and on solving real world problems with your car or truck. The Haynes manual for your vehicle will also contain useful specifications, charts, and diagrams explaining everyday maintenance procedures and common repairs, making it even easier to use. Don't spend a day with your vehicle without arming yourself with information. A Haynes manual puts all that information in an easy-to-use reference guide for us all.

    Turn to any page in the Haynes repair manual for your vehicle and you're bound to find information you can use every day. Like what? How about torque specifications? Spark plug condition guides? Lubrication points? It's all right there at your fingertips in a Haynes repair manual, specifically written for your vehicle. When Haynes sets out to create a new Haynes repair manual, they first get an example of the car or truck about which they're writing. Then out come the wrenches and the pens: The vehicle is completely disassembled and reassembled, with every step documented through words, diagrams, and photographs. When the results are compiled into the Haynes repair manual, the authors present a complete picture of what's really involved in working on the vehicle. The Haynes repair manual doesn't transcribe possibly erroneous factory documentationit describes exactly what a particular procedure entails by someone who has performed that procedure. Since each Haynes repair manual is based on experience, the information contained within tends to be more useful and logically laid out. See for yourself: Order a Haynes repair manual for your next vehicle and learn how to work smarter.

    Okay, so the factory originally put together your car, so they're the best ones to tell you how to fix it, right? Yes and no. A factory service manual is usually written with a professional mechanic in mind, not a do-it-yourselfer. That's why we like the Haynes service manual line so much. A Haynes service manual is written for folks like us because every Haynes service manual is based on a teardown and rebuild of a car by, well, folks like us. If there's a bolt in a tricky spot, it's mentioned in a Haynes service manual because the person writing the manual encountered it. That same bolt may be overlooked in factory publications because the engine was on a test stand when it was written. We're not knocking factory service literature: What we are saying is that a Haynes service manual can give practical tips and advice that engineers may not think about. And to go with their useful information, the Haynes service manual is laid out logically and attractively. You can find everyday information quickly thanks to the charts and diagrams in your Haynes service manual, and multiple photographs illustrate repair concepts. In other words, a Haynes service manual gives you a more user-friendly way to learn about your car or truck than you'll generally find in factory literature. And since the Haynes service manual is usually much less expensive too, you can find what you need for less. They're published for almost every popular make and model on the road, so order your Haynes service manual today and get down to business.