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If you're still looking for a brand that can give you long-lasting and top-performing clutches, look no further-Hays has just the right clutch for you. You see, to be able to transmit the power coming from your engine to the wheels, you have to have your vehicle's clutch connect and disconnect properly for your car at all times. That's why it's important to get top-of-the-line clutches offered by Hays because you can be sure that this brand offers the best grip-and-release mechanism for your drive train and engine.

Hays is a brand that has been producing clutches for manual transmission vehicles for years, and they have garnered a significant following-car manufacturers, auto part suppliers, and customers-especially in the US. As a division of Prestolite Performance, creator of top notch brands such as Mr. Gasket, Lakewood, and Accel, you exactly know that this is one brand that you can count on in terms of power and toughness of its products. And if that doesn't convince you just yet, Prestolite also makes sure that all its products are conceptualized, developed, and created using the company's own facilities making sure that every step of the way-from research to molding and assembly-the quality of their product is monitored first-hand. Also, this company is proud to have worked with top engine builders, performance product developers, and speed shops to be able to offer products of high-class quality.

And this is why Hays is able to create the most reliable clutches that are built to withstand extreme conditions and overuse. With Hays clutch working together with the engine and the drive train, your ride's performance is sure to improve-the energy provided by your engine will be accurately transferred to the drive train maintaining that the much needed torque for your vehicles' wheels. And that is translated to better transmission shifting and handling while cornering and accelerating.