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For most vehicle owners, the header panel is quite the mystery. They've heard about it, they have a vague idea where this part is located, but it's not really something that they can pinpoint right off the bat. If you were to ask a pro mechanic to point out this component to you, he would probably stand in front of your car and gesture at an entire section on your vehicle's front end. And the thing is, he would be right. You see, your header panel is basically what we call the nose of your ride. In most vehicles, this panel encompasses or houses everything from the grille to the headlights. This metal sheet extends from under your ride's hood up until the bumper-not including the bumper, of course. Horizontally, this metal component goes from the start of one headlight to the end of the other. Being found behind your grille and headlamp assemblies, this panel doesn't usually incur enough damage to require replacement. Although, if you do get involved in a hood-bending, bumper-crushing, headlight-shattering front-end collision, then that's the time when you'll need to shop around for a new header panel. Though replacing this component may be a big hassle, the good news is that finding its replacement is a pretty easy affair. There are a lot of online stores that offer top-grade header panels at budget-friendly prices. So rest assured that you'll find a good replacement panel for your ride's front end.

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  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Header Panel

    Do you know where your vehicle's header panel is located? The header panel mounted on your vehicle's front end, immediately ahead of the hood and above the bumper. The header panel is an important part of any car, since it houses the grille and the headlights. Unfortunately, though, this panel is often neglected during routine auto maintenance. This component is only given attention when it already needs replacement due to severe damage - say, after a minor frontal collision. And though the header panel doesn't really affect your vehicle's performance, it must be replaced immediately when damaged. Don't worry, Auto Parts Deal offers premium header panels that are custom-designed to meet your vehicle's specifications. Rest assured that every header panel in our stock comes from topnotch manufactures and are available at the most affordable prices.

    • Made from high-grade materials for durability

    • Matches your vehicle's required specifications

    • Installs easily, no drilling and cutting required