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Improving your engine's performance is a never-ending task. Of course, as long as your car can get better and better, then why stop, right? If you're budget-conscious, however, prioritizing the more important car performance modification steps is vital, and you should realize that installing exhaust performance headers in your car should be topmost in your list. Why? In simple terms, headers remove anti-performance exhaust dirt in your car, making sure your engine's potential is maximized.
Along with a high performance cold air intake and high-flow air filter, headers reduce exhaust backpressure for air to flow more easily out of the engine. Headers work by providing each cylinder with its own mini exhaust pipe and piping exhaust pulses away from the cylinder head into a downstream exhaust collector, improving air intake and exhaust.
Headers come in different sizes and shapes with hundreds of applications to suit your particular car's needs. Top manufacturers produce their own headers in various configurations, specially tuning each to fit the type of engine it is intended for. So whether you have an imported or domestic vehicle of whatever brand, there's an exhaust header just for you! If you're obsessive-compulsive with your car's looks even with the under hood, then worry not as headers are also available in different finishes that complement that hidden part of your car.

Headers Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Headers

    Boost up your ride's performance with a top-grade Header or Exhaust Header/ The industry has a wide variety of quality headers to help you out.
    If you want more power from your vehicle, you don't have to install a new engine. One area in your vehicle you could modify easily is the exhaust system. By swapping your vehicle's stock exhaust manifold with a well-designed header, you can prevent backpressure from affecting the stock engine's performance.
    Backpressure occurs when the pistons can't properly expel gaseous waste from a combustion cylinder due to pressure in the exhaust manifold. The pistons' doubled efforts result in significant power loss. This problem can be avoided entirely if you install a good set of headers in your vehicle. It can be bolted to each of the engine's fuel combustion cylinders. As each cylinder fires and emits exhaust gases, the header leads the emissions to a large central collector. This way, exhaust gases are kept out of the combustion cylinders, and backpressure is reduced. The engine produces increased power, letting you accelerate more quickly on the road.
    So, if you feel that your vehicle's engine doesn't perform at its best, check the exhaust system. Equip the exhaust system with a high-quality header to reduce backpressure and enhance the volumetric efficiency in your vehicle. Give your ride a higher performance level with a new set of headers today.

  • Headers: Just the Facts

    Among the components that play a significant role in your vehicle's exhaust system is the header pipe. Also known as the exhaust manifold, the header pipe is responsible for channeling the engine's exhaust from the cylinders to the exhaust pipe. The header pipe helps increase the engine's volumetric efficiency by preventing backpressure. The engine's volumetric efficiency refers to the engine's ability to move fuel and air into and out of the cylinders. When exhaust gases re-enter your vehicle's engine, the engine is forced to work twice as hard in pushing these gases out. By preventing backpressure, the header pipe guarantees power gains and smooth exhaust flow for your vehicle. So keep the header pipe in tiptop condition. Replace it when it becomes corroded or cracked due to heat and pressure. Auto Parts Deal can provide your vehicle's next header pipe at a pocket-friendly price.

    • Made from tough steel or cast iron for durability

    • Increases engine efficiency while preventing backpressure

    • Features direct OE fit