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Headlight Housing

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When it comes to your vehicle's pair of headlights, there's definitely more than meets the eye. Behind the lens, the reflector, and the bulb on each headlight is a sturdy headlight housing. The headlight housing is one of those rarely-seen auto parts that have indispensable functions.The housing is responsible for supporting the headlight assembly, keeping them in place in the vehicle's fascia. The housing is commonly made from durable, heat-resistant plastic, to ensure that it can sufficiently support the headlight assembly.But once the headlights seem to be sagging or coming loose off your vehicle's front end, check on the condition of your vehicle's headlight housings. Should you need replacements, just browse our catalogs at Carparts. For any type of headlights, we can get you the perfect headlight housing.

• Holds your vehicle's headlights in place

• Provides support for the headlights' wiring as well

• Made from crack-resistant, sturdy plastic