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Starting to have problems seeing at night even if your headlights are turned on? If that's the case, this is a sign that your headlight lens needs to be replaced quickly. Failure to do this will result in bigger problems for you in the long run. First, your headlight's brightness will be greatly compromised, making it difficult for you to see the road at night or under harsh weather conditions. This can happen once the lenses become yellowish and foggy. That's the last thing you'd want to happen because it can ruin your driving vision and compromise your overall safety. Second, if the quality of your headlight lens is starting to deteriorate, its overall toughness comes into question as well. See, this component is responsible for shielding your headlight bulb and other parts connected to it from being hit by road debris. Without a working lens shielding them, these components are bound to get hit, causing further damage and driving problems for you. It will also be a hassle financially since you'll have to shell out money for repairs and replacement. If you want to avoid encountering any of these problems, make sure your vehicle's headlights are equipped with a clear headlight lens. This will enable you to enjoy better road visibility and make driving at night easy for you to do.