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Headlight Switch

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Even the best headlights on the market would be useless without a functional headlight switch. The switch allows you to easily activate the lights, as well as control the intensity of the lights' beams. So you really shouldn't go driving around when the headlights' switch isn't working.Driving without the headlights on will probably get you pulled over by a cop. And if, by some miracle, you do manage to activate the headlights, you won't be able to choose between high and low beams, blinding other motorists on the road.Unless you plan on spending the night at the precinct trying to get your license back, you better think about replacing that faulty headlight switch. The small investment can save you from loads of trouble on the road.You'll find dozens of these headlight switches here at Carparts.

• Allows you to easily activate, deactivate, and control the headlights' beam

• Compatible with most stock headlights

• Ensures that the headlights work reliably