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The HeadsUp vinyl repair kit is a carbon synthetic fabric designed to cover your auto seats.

HeadsUp fabric repair kit is made for no-sag, no-damage automobile fabrics

HeadsUp headliner kits give the ultimate solution to ceiling sags

HeadsUp interior cover is an ultimate customizing fabric with limitless applications

Torn auto upholstery is never easy to look at. But this sight hurts more than just the eyes; it also hurts your vehicle's resale value. Keep your car's value as high as possible by repairing your upholstery using the durable and attractive HeadsUp vinyl repair kit. The HeadsUp vinyl repair kit is an upholstery repair kit that comes with a versatile, carbon synthetic fiber, which can cover your upholstery, door panels, and even your speaker boxes. Its ultra-soft fabric is crafted using extra-tough expanded vinyl that's designed to last for years. This repair kit actually does more than just patch up your upholstery problems; it can cover all of your auto seats, offering great upholstery protection while giving your ride a truly customized appearance. The fabric also comes with a bidirectional, matrix pattern, which can give your cabin a high-tech and futuristic appearance. This vinyl repair kit is available in different colors like Dark Grey, Real Black, Ferrari Red, and Lambo Yellow. Restyle your ride and protect your vinyl upholstery the smart and inexpensive way with this vinyl repair kit today.

DIYers have no problem taking good care of their automobiles, so why not join them? Fixing that little sag, that little rip, or that little stain in your interior fabric is actually an easy job! Well, it's never too late. You can still do the task and save much of your supposed maintenance money. All you have to do is get the HeadsUp Fabric repair kit to make the task as easy as one, two, three! HeadsUp has an entire line-up of DIY repair products, from headliner repair kits to adhesives. Its array of EZ Fix products-including its HeadsUp fabric repair kit and vinyl and leather kit-is perfect for day-to-day small upholstery repairs. Using these no-mess kits is easy, and they come with detailed instruction. So if you find your upholstery already showing signs of age, you can simply get repair kits for restoration. The HeadsUp Fabric repair kit is an ideal inclusion in your maintenance tool kit. Having this auto fabric repair kit will definitely make any patching or fabric repair easy. And, you don't only save your hard-earned money but you also gain maintenance and DIY skills.

With the HeadsUp headliner kits now available, auto headliner problems are already easy to fix. You just need to choose one from the 10 standard OEM factory colors offered to make ceiling sags history! These auto headliner kits are also universal, so they can fit any two- to four-door vehicles and SUVs and vans, and you can expect quality results all the time. There are basically two sets of replacement HeadsUp headliner: the 800 Series (6 feet x 54 inches) that's best for two- to four-door vehicles and the 900 Series (9 feet x 54 inches) that perfectly fits sport utility vehicles and vans. Designed for the average DIYer, these are useful kits during emergencies. Having one in your garage or tool set will surely save you from hefty shop servicing fees-small patches and interior fabric replacement jobs-as well as the hassles brought by sudden damage. On top of that, headliner replacement kits will surely perk up the creativity in you. A complete HeadsUp headliner kit includes the fabric, domelight clips, as well as detailed instructions. Whether for repair or customization, this kit will surely solve your problems and make your day!

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