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Heater Hose

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Customizing your vehicle with enviable, high-performance features isn't the only thing that matters. You also have to remember to keep basic auto parts in good shape.Like the heater hose, for example. Vehicle owners sometimes forget that this hose is indispensable to their cars' climate control systems. Heater hoses make it possible for hot coolant to enter and exit the heater core. Without these hoses to direct coolant flow, the heater core can't use heated coolant to warm the air inside the vehicle's cabin.So your car's heating system essentially becomes useless. To avoid the hassle, make sure the heating system uses high-quality heater hoses. A heater hose should be durable enough to easily facilitate the flow of high-temperature coolant.Now, you may think that such a hose would be hard to find. Well, not if you search for it at Carparts. All the heater hoses we have are topnotch; yet, we just offer them at affordable prices. Check our catalogs and just take your pick.

• Resistant to cracking and leaking despite high coolant temperatures

• Flexible enough for easy installation

• Improves the heater system's performance