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Headers by Hedman

If you're outfitting your exhaust to meet the highest demands you can make from it, you need Hedman Extreme Duty Hedders. For more than 50 years, Hedman has been producing the best headers on the market, and the Hedman Elite is far and away the best choice for high performance and towing needs.

Hedman has been producing the best headers in the industry since 1954. Hedman, along with Vic Edelbrock, Sr. and others, was part of the team that designed the first ever aftermarket exhaust system for the original Chevy small block. And Hedman was the first exhaust company to put aerospace technology to work in an automotive exhaust system. They were the first to use Hi-Tech Coating, which remains the finest thermal coating used in headers. They make the headers used by countless race champions, and were the choice in IROC for 21 straight years/ Their one goal is to produce the best headers possible, and they continue to be very successful in meeting that goal.

Hedman Elite Hedders stand out from the crowd. Their smooth flowing 14 g primary tubes are 53% thicker than the rest, with 3/8" flanges and a standard thermal coating. They are made to withstand the high temperatures and vibrating common to high performance and towing systems. They provide all the extra protection you need to prevent exhaust leaks and burnout.

So whether you need headers for high performance or towing applications, Hedman Extreme Duty Hedders are what you need to get the job done.

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Hedman Headers Articles

  • Hedman Series: HTC Coated Hedders

    Hedman Headers

    If you are looking for added performance from your engine, then the place to start is with the addition of some Hedman HTC Coated Hedders. These headers are specially designed to give you the horsepower and torque gains that you are longing for.

    In general, performance headers increase engine performance because they are designed to relieve the backpressure that can choke your engine. In order to relieve this backpressure, the headers remove dirty exhaust air from the engine through a set of tubes. Hedman Hedders utilize a mandrel-bent free-flow design that allows exhaust gases to travel away from the engine unrestricted. This unrestricted airflow lets your engine focus on sending power to the rear wheels instead of on pushing out the exhaust gas.

    Hedman HTC Coated Hedders are crafted with HTC, an alloy of ceramic-metallic composition. The HTC stands for Hi-Tech Coating. This thermal coating is bonded to the headers for durability and strength. The coating keeps the finish from chipping and peeling. Plus, it adds scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, and provides a finish that is easy to clean. The HTC also helps your headers avoid discoloration and "bluing".

    Get power and durability from your headers by ordering your Hedman HTC Coated Hedders today. These headers come with a five-year warranty against external rust-through and a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship. If you need more assistance or have further questions about these headers, check out our 24-hour online help site for answers.

  • Hedman Series: Race Hedders

    Hedman Headers

    If you are looking to increase the engine power of your race machine, then you definitely need to look into purchasing some Hedman Race Hedders. These headers are perfect for the race enthusiast who is looking for more power on a smaller budget. These mid-performance headers are smaller and more economical than full-blown race headers, yet they still provide you with a larger primary tube than other street headers.

    Hedman Race Hedders are available for Chevy, Ford and Mopar engines and come in many different designs to meet all application needs. Plus, they can be purchased with the revolutionary HTC (Hi-Tech Coating) coating that only Hedman offers. This coating keeps your headers chip free and corrosion resistance mile after mile. Plus, the unique coating will not discolor or "blue" like chrome headers are known to do.

    These performance headers are specially designed to offer your engine better airflow so that backpressure does not squelch your engine's ability to produce horsepower. Utilizing mandrel-bent tubing and a special free-flow design; these headers provide a resistance free escape path for exhaust gases. More airflow means more power.

    Step up the power of your race machine by purchasing and installing Hedman Race Hedders today. With their exclusive warranty you just can't go wrong/ If you need further assistance, please check out our 24/7 online help site. Or, you can give us a call toll-free. And do not forget about our great shipping offers, including free shipping on all orders of $50.00 or more.

  • Hedman Series: Sport Compact Hedders

    One way to increase the power and performance of your sport compact racer is to purchase and install performance headers. Hedman Sport Compact Hedders are technologically designed to give your engine the most power it can get from a set of headers.

    Hedman Sport Compact Hedders, marketed under the name Chikara, are manufactured and designed with power in mind. Over 50 years of experience are poured into this headers to give you sport compact the edge in racing. And, with the option of POWERPLUS Reversion Chamber Technology, these headers can really help you nudge out your competition. Mandrel-bent to ensure a smooth flow, these 16 gauge tubes give your engine's exhaust gases the least restrictive path to escape. This free-flow design ensures that your engine will not be choked by exhaust backpressure. Backpressure, which can rob your engine of power producing performance.

    Hedman Sport Compact Hedders are also available with or without their patented HTC coating. This Hi-Tech Coating is a ceramic-metallic coating that is designed to resist corrosion, resist chips and peeling, and help cool your engine compartments. Plus, the unique coating won't discolor or "blue" like headers that are coated with chrome.

    Best of all your new Hedman Sport Compact Hedders come with all the hardware and gaskets that you need for installation and a warranty. Order your new headers today and start feeling the power that your sport compact was designed to produce. Still have questions? Check out our online help site or call our toll-free customer service line today. And when you order, do not forget to ask about our free shipping offer on orders that total $50.00 or more.

  • Hedman Series: Stepped Hedders

    If you are looking to increase your engine's horsepower and torque with just one change, then the Hedman Stepped Hedders may be the part you are searching for. As far as aftermarket performance headers go, these headers really deliver. And, since they are backed by over 50 years of Hedman experience and technology, you can't really go wrong.

    Like all performance headers, Hedman Stepped Hedders are designed to increase the airflow to your engine. With performance headers exhaust gases are given a more free-flowing, less restrictive pathway to exit your engine. By increasing airflow, and decreasing backpressure, these headers work to relieve the congestion on your engine so that it is free to produce more power.

    What makes Hedman Stepped Hedders unique is the strategically positioned change in the primary tube. This change in design helps engines achieve an increase in towing power, an increase in RPM recovery rates upon gear shifts, and an increase in power during downshifts. So, after you install your new headers you can enjoy all of the above benefits plus the usual benefits that come from performance headers.

    Stop dreaming about getting more power out of your engine and make it a reality. Purchase your new Hedman Stepped Hedders today. And when you do, be sure to take advantage of our free shipping offer on all orders that come to $50.00 or more. For assistance try our 24-hour seven-day a week online help site, or call our customer service department toll-free.

  • Hedman Series: Street Hedders

    Are looking for some street legal power and performance boosts? Want to feel the increased accelerating power of a race machine only in your street ride? Well, the Hedman Street Hedders may juts be the part you are looking for. Designed to help your engine produce more power and achieve higher performance levels, these headers are based on the technology of racing but with a focus on street driving.

    Hedman Street Hedders are available for most import and domestic engines and are available in a variety of designs to meet all application needs. And, depending on the application, most Hedman headers can be purchased with the optional HTC Coating. This Hi-Tech Coating is bonded to the headers to improve strength and durability. Plus, it protects against chipping, discoloration, and "bluing".

    Best of all these headers deliver everything you would expect from performance headers. The mandrel-bent tubing and free-flow air design is crafted to increase airflow and reduce backpressure to your engine. Once your engine can breath better, it can run more efficiently. So efficiently, in fact, that you will see noticeable gains in horsepower, acceleration, torque, and fuel economy immediately after installation.

    If you are ready to slide behind the wheel and feel the power of racing technology from your street ride, purchase your new Hedman Street Hedders today. Driving to work will never be the same/ Still have questions? Check out our 24/7 online help site or give us a call toll-free. We are standing by to help. And remember, all orders that equal $50.00 or more qualify for our free shipping offer.

  • Hedman Series: Street Rod Hedders

    Is your street legal hot rod begging for barely legal performance? Do you need a boost in acceleration power? The Hedman Street Rod Hedders can hook you up with all the racing performance your street ride could ever need. These headers will provide you with hot rod levels of horsepower, acceleration, and torque.

    Hedman Street Rod Hedders are available in two performance boosting styles- standard and low profile. The low profile set allows you to fit within narrow frame rails. This design helps to eliminate any fit problems that would be present with the standard headers. Your new street headers may also come with Hedman's patented HTC Coating, depending on the style. This special thermal coating keeps your headers strong and durable, while resisting chipping and discoloration.

    Best of all these headers deliver the race worthy performance that you have been searching for. Developed with the lasted in airflow technology, these street rod headers are designed to optimize the airflow to your engine so that it can be free to produce optimal power. With the mandrel-bent tubing and free flow air design, these headers can feed your engine all of the oxygen rich air it can consume.

    Take your street rods power performance from rough to rumbling by purchasing your new Hedman Street Rod Hedders today. The next time you are out racing, you will definitely be glad you did. For more information about these headers, please check out our online help site. Or, you can always call us toll-free.