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Helper Spring

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In the world of motoring, the importance of balance over power can't be further stressed. Without balance, a powerful car can roll or skid out of control and get in serious trouble. That's why race drivers and professional mechanics put a premium on quality suspension.In racing, most cars are tuned for performance, meaning they're equipped with a stiff suspension that provides superb handling at the expense of riding comfort. For street cars, however, a balance between handling and comfort is ideal. That's what the helper spring is for.The spring helps a car handle extra loads and the rough weight transitions involved when driving at the limits. The main spring does its work as usual when driving with little load or cruising along at average speeds. Once you start loading up on passengers and cargo, or when you floor the throttle, the helper spring kicks in to help keep your car in balance.It's one of the most reliable suspension upgrades possible. You'll find a wide variety of helper springs here at Carparts.

• Helps support excess loads

• Improves overall balance and performance

• Guarantees that suspension system reliably supports your car

Helper Spring Articles

  • How to Install a Helper Spring in 4 Steps

    Your vehicle may lead you from one place to another but if it cannot carry enough load for your driving and cruising needs, then your auto is only as good as a thirsty camel. However, with the installation of an efficient helper spring, your car will be able to bear and withstand a greater load-carrying capacity. So if you find your springs in bad condition or you simply want to install one for your auto, then here is a four-step fix to your helper spring problem.

    Required skill level: Novice

    Needed tools and materials

    1. Jack and jack stands
    2. Wrenches
    3. Ratchet and socket set
    4. Tire iron
    5. Safety glasses
    6. Gloves

    Preparation for the helper spring's installation

    First, lift the rear of your vehicle using the jack and secure it with the jack stands. Afterwards, detach the rear wheels using the tire iron.

    Locating the place for installation

    Once the wheels are detached, position yourself in front of the rear suspension. As you can see, the helper spring should be bolted on the top of the leaf spring pack. So, carefully install the new spring in such a way that the curled ends of the part are pointed up. The bolts should be loosely settled in position in preparation for the final step.

    Tightening the bolts

    Now using the ratchet and socket, tighten the bolts. You may install a second bolt as an additional safety measure to provide better security. Do not forget to torque the bolts into place before reinstalling the wheels.

    Reinstalling the wheels

    Finally, you may now reinstall the rear wheels with the tire iron. Lower the auto mobile off the stands and your vehicle is now built to allow greater load capacity. Give your vehicle a run to check if the springs were installed properly.

    Tips and warnings

    • When working with your auto, be sure to always wear safety glasses. The underside of your vehicle may contain rust or debris that may damage your eyes.
    • Additionally, wearing gloves will not only provide you a safety measure against rusting parts but also provide you a better grip with the tools.