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One company that has earned the respect of the world when it comes to filters and engine parts is Hengst. With over five decades of experience in the field of auto parts manufacturing, this company has proven that they are vital in the production of top car brands such as Toyota, Volvo, Audi, Ford, and Mercedes Benz, and many more. Created by Walter Hengst in 1958, this company, based in Germany, supplies the automobile industry with millions of top-class filters and engine parts from key sites in the world like Brazil, China, and the US. But the success of Hengst was not something derived from luck; it was actually derived from foresight.

Hengst saw that people definitely needed to maintain the top-notch performance of their vehicle's engines and filtration systems that's why they devised a way to profit from that demand-by specializing in filtration and engine parts. Through the years, Hengst fast-paced innovation and close cooperation between its research and development teams along with the company's engineering and production teams, ensured their advantage in creating products of top-quality value. Not only that, because of the company's fast decision-making process, Hengst continued improving its ability to react flexibly and quickly to the ever-changing market conditions; thus producing unmatched products continued to be in high demand.

There's actually one thing that didn't change in the way Hengst did its business-the company's practice of investing in the development of its employees. Hengst is currently employing more than 2,500 dedicated people distributed around eight strategic locations worldwide. And these highly-motivated and qualified employees, together with advanced technological infrastructures, and loyal and efficient auto parts retailers, Hengst is able to successfully provide supreme products able to keep sedans, SUVs, trucks, and other types of vehicles, up and running at their best pace.