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Nobody likes the hassles brought about by irritating stench of dirt and liquids messed up all over the back of your truck or SUV.

The Highland Cargo Liner fits across the entire area at the back of your vehicle. It has high side lips and textured surface. It has a firmer grip on whatever it is holding. The Highland Cargo Liner is impervious to oil, gasoline, and other common chemicals. Durable at times of extreme weather, this complex rubber/plastic polymer-made liner stays soft during winter and doesn't melt come the scorching heat of summer. And since it is so convenient to use, you can just hose it off when it gets dirty. A high outer lip keeps spills from running off the Highland Cargo Liner. No acids, gasolines or other hazardous chemicals would spill, protecting your carpet. Available in black, tan, and gray, there's a high-quality Highland Cargo Liner that will surely fit with your truck or SUV.

Highland also showcases its Highland Floor Mats for utmost protection at a competitive price. Some factory floor mats only have almost a year in life since they are just made up of ordinary rubber materials that are prone to wearing. The Highland Floor Mat is made up of premium rubber and can withstand extreme weather conditions, brittling or cracking. The deep ridges keep water, dirt and mud out.

It may sound unbelievable, but the 100-year warranty is a proof of the durability of the Highland Floor Liners through the years.

Highland Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Highland Floor Mats & Floor Liners

    The Highland Cargo Liner, manufactured by the industry leader in vehicle protection and cargo management, gives your vehicle extra protection in the rear cargo area and is custom molded for an exact fit. Especially suited for sport utilities, Highland Cargo Liners protect your interior from anything with the potential to dirty or ruin your vehicle.
    Count on year-round protection from Highland Cargo Liners, which are unaffected by gas, oil, mud and extreme temperatures. You'll minimize the time spent cleaning your vehicle from the aftereffects of groceries, camping and fishing gear, gardening supplies, muddy boots, and even the family pet: dirt, grime, and spills wipe right off. What's more, the Highland Cargo Liner keeps your vehicle's interior looking good as new, guaranteeing you maximum resale value when it's time to sell or trade. No matter how long you own your vehicle, the Highland Cargo Liner will keep your interior safe from normal wear and tear.
    Keep your car floor clean with Highland Floor Mats, providing the same high standards of interior vehicle protection in this product family. The deep, sculpted ridges in Highland Floor Mats trap water, mud, dirt and snow-and if you live in a temperate region, you know how hard winters are on the interior of a vehicle. With Highland Floor Mats, you don't have to hire a professional detailer to keep your carpeting looking showroom new. Additionally, Highland Floor Mats have molded-in spikes along the bottom side, providing added carpet protection by keeping the mats in place. With front, rear, center hump, and many more sizes and styles, you can find Highland Floor Mats to fit just about any vehicle on the road. And the best feature of Highland Floor Mats is the product warranty: these high quality mats are guaranteed for an unheard-of 100 years. Even after your car, truck or sport utility vehicle stops running, the interior will still look brand new. So whether you're protecting your vehicle's carpeting and flooring for resale or for life, Highland Floor Mats are well worth the investment.
    Take your interior vehicle protection a step further with Highland Floor Guards. These guards act as a liner and floor mat in one, providing the high degree of protection you expect from Highland. Go the extra mile with custom molded Highland Floor Guards. The exact fit and tough protection guards your front, second and third seat floor areas from spills, stains, water, sand, mud, snow, pet wear and much more. You can expect showroom-new floors for the life of your vehicle with Highland Floor Guards, and guarantee top resale value should you decide to sell in the future. Then again, once you try Highland Floor Guards, you may choose never to sell again.

  • Choosing the Right Highland Product, For the Right Job

    Highland floor liners and cargo liners protect better because they fit better

    Premium rubber construction give Highland products the best crack and puncture resistance in the business

    Heavy-duty rubber nibs keep Highland floor mats in their place no matter what you encounter

    Order your Highland floor guards in first row, second row, or even third row configurations for full-size SUV protection

    We don't know why cargo liners aren't standard on wagons and SUVs, but most of the time they aren't. Of course, a factory-supplied liner wouldn't have the quality construction and great features of a Highland cargo liner anyway, and they'd tack it onto the price of the vehicle somehow, so perhaps it's a good thing they aren't included. It gives you the opportunity to invest in a premium Highland cargo liner to protect your cargo area. A Highland cargo liner is built to withstand tough duty even in extremely hot or bitter cold temperatures where other liners fail. Since it's made of top-quality natural rubber, the Highland cargo liner has more flexibility than most, which is key to crack and puncture prevention. A high outer lip keeps spills from running off your Highland cargo liner, and dangerous chemicals like gasoline and acids won't melt through your Highland cargo liner either, so your carpet is fully protected. Your Highland cargo liner will match up with black, tan, or grey interiors, and it's custom-made right here in the U.S. for each individual application. So go with a cargo liner that stands the test of time: A Highland cargo liner gives you more protection at a better price than the rest.

    How long did it take you to wear a heel hole in your factory floor mats? A month? Six months? If you made it a year, you're doing well. Don't head back to the dealership for another pair of those chintzy carpet scraps. Order some Highland floor mats for your car, truck, van, or SUV and get real protection at a lower price. Highland floor mats come in black, tan, and grey to match most vehicle interiors, and they're an entirely different approach to floor covering. Made of premium rubber, Highland floor mats withstand extremes of heat and cold without cracking or becoming brittlethat's important, since many folks use their Highland floor mats to protect against snow and slush. Long, molded spikes in the back of your Highland floor mats keep them put, and they're aided by the fact that all Highland floor mats are custom-fitted to your individual vehicle. Deep ridges in Highland floor mats keep water, dirt, and mud where it belongs, and your Highland floor mats are a piece of cake to take out and hose off the next time you wash your vehicle. There's a 100-year warranty behind these Highland floor mats, so don't worry about wearing them outthey'll probably outlast you!

    Highland floor guards are sort of a hybrid between their popular cargo liner and their rubber floor mats. The Highland floor guards aren't as thick as floor mats, but they offer more coverage area and additional flexibility like a cargo liner. For extreme weather conditions, where heavy snow, slush, and mud are common, Highland floor guards are absolutely the best carpet protection you can buy. Highland floor guards are made of premium rubber in black, tan, and grey to match your stock interior. And whether you need front floor, middle floor, or even the 3rd row seat floor protected, there are Highland floor guards produced to help you out. Highland floor guards are custom molded to follow all the contours of the footrest area for your specific vehicle, ensuring that trapped debris doesn't leak out onto the carpet below, and the Highland floor guards are impervious to any chemicals you might carry into your car, truck, van, or SUV. If you live in an extreme climate, or your vehicle is called upon for extreme duty, use Highland floor liners to keep things clean on the inside.