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Hilift produces high–quality versatile jacks that are handy when it comes to tasks requiring lifting, pushing, pulling, clamping, and winching.

X–TREME, Cast/Steel, and All–Cast are some of the jacks produced by this company.

Aside from jacks, Hilift also manufactures all kinds of auto accessories including tube mounts, jack covers, bumper lifts, and fix–it–kit.

All Hilift products are produced from premium materials to ensure their long–lasting quality.

Off–road adventures call for the presence of repair tools all the time. All those who regularly drive off–road know just how treacherous it can be. Although it can be a very thrilling experience, rocky and uneven terrains can wreck havoc on a vehicle's wheels and drive train. Repair must be done on the damaged components. Otherwise, that SUV or truck won't be able to budge from rocky forest floor. The Hilift Jack is a very necessary tool when doing auto repairs, whether on the tracks or in the garage. This jack is very easy to use because it comes with an adjustable top clamp/clevis that's very handy when clamping and winching. It also has a safety bolt that made to trim at 7,000 lbs. When load is taken from the jack, its lifting unit automatically drops away. Another beneficial feature of the Hilift Jack is its 4 ½" long lifting nose that makes positive contact with the load. The steel bar that comes with it can be reversed to lengthen its life. This tool also has a low pickup of 4 ½" and 28 square inch base plate. Hilift especially produced this tool to be of service for a long time. There are three choices available for people who don't know what Hilift has to offer – the X–TREME, All–cast, and the Cast/Steel jacks. Car owners will feel secure when they need to make car repairs as long as the Hilift Jack is on hand.

Driving is not much fun anymore once the car breaks down and repair is needed to make it operational again. Repair is not that daunting as long as there are tools that can be used. It would be very difficult if the bolts and screws have to be removed with one's bare hands. Attempting this feat will only result to scraped skin and even torn nails! It doesn't take that much imagination to know how painful these can be. Avoid these hassles by simply ensuring that the Hilift Tool Kit is always present in the car's trunk. This tool kit is very compact and rugged that even if the car goes through rugged terrains, there's no worry that it will get damaged in any way. The road is full of hazards. A car owner never knows when he'll get a flat tire or when his car will get stuck in deep mud, so having the Hilift Tool Kit on hand is very advantageous. And because he has the tools needed for minor repairs, he won't be at anyone's mercy since he can do them on his own. The Hilift Tool Kit is a product that all car owners can count on. And since it bears the Hilift brand, car owners can rest easy when it comes to its quality and durability.