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A hitch is a bolt-in accessory that is used to lift up and apply leverage to the tow vehicle when towing. It can be installed to tow trailers, motorcycles, bikes, garden tractors and other items. Two general types of hitches exist: the weight-carrying hitches and the weight-distributing hitches. Weight-carrying hitches are often used when towing lighter loads while weight-distributing hitches are generally used for larger, heavier trails.
Through innovative designs engineered to fit specific vehicle applications, most hitches nowadays can be easily installed with no extra modifications like drilling or welding. On most applications, hitch installation can take only thirty minutes or less. When installing, make sure the spare tire and the tail pipe are properly mounted. Follow the installation instructions of the hitch supplier.
Always remember to use a hitch that is strong enough to handle the maximum anticipated total weight of the trailer. The weight, however, should not exceed the towing capacity of the vehicle.
Whatever vehicle type you have, there's a hitch just for you. Today's market offers a variety of hitches for a wide range of domestic and import vehicles. Just make sure to choose the proper hitch for your specific vehicle make and you're good to go.

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  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Hitch

    There's more to hitching a trailer than just securing the bracket between the trailer and your vehicle. If you're planning to pull a trailer for a family road trip or for more convenient cargo loading, then you should have a hitch wiring kit ready.Hitch wiring kits contain everything you need to make sure that you can use the lights on the trailer's rear. A hitch wiring kit features connectors and adapters compatible with your vehicle's rear lighting system.Once the connectors are properly wired to the car's rear lighting, you can easily activate the trailer's brake, signaling, and tail lights. This way, you won't have a hard time signaling to the motorists behind you. A hitch wiring kit, once installed on your vehicle, also helps you avoid accidents such as rear-end collisions.To help you use your beloved trailer more conveniently, Auto Parts Deal has plenty of hitch wiring kits readily available for you.

    • A hitch wiring kit from us allows you to activate the trailer's rear lights.

    • Our hitch wiring kits helps you drive more safely.

    • Our hitch wiring kits will last for miles on end.