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Performance Tool vs. Trans-Dapt: Know Which Hoist is Better

Lifting or lowering your car's engine in and out of its compartment is a stressful task. That is why a sturdy engine hoist is used to accomplish the job. Although all hoists might look the same, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a hoist for your engine. Let us help you review your options by comparing hoists from two of the most preferred auto tool manufacturer, Performance Tool and Trans-Dapt.

Product range

Although there aren't a lot of kinds to choose from, Performance tool outdoes Trans-Dapt when it comes to product range. Unlike Trans-Dapt, which only offers hoist systems in leveler forms, Performance Tool offers hoists in both leveler and chain types. Although Trans-Dapt's hoist leveler system features provisions for engine chains, it does not carry any separate product similar to Performance Tool's chain-type hoist.

WINNER: Performance Tool

Load capacity

Both Trans-Dapt and Performance Tool hoists are designed to lift and lower any load with ease due to its heavy-duty construction. While testing both hoists on engines of light vehicles, it was observed that both of them easily carried the weight of the engines and their durable steel bore the stress from the load. However, when used on larger engines, Performance Tool's 2-ton weight capacity proved to be more helpful as compared to Trans-Dapt's 1,200-lbs or .6-ton.

WINNER: Performance Tool


The Trans-Dapt hoist had brass rollers in its drive rod as an additional feature. These rollers, during our tests, made it a lot easier to maneuver the engine once it was out of the compartment. We were able to shift the engine's weight to any angle without adding stress on the hoist or the engine itself. It also made engine removal and installation easier and more manageable. This same flexibility was not apparent when we we're using the Performance Tool hoist.

WINNER: Trans-Dapt

The verdict

The powder-coated finish and sturdiness of both the Performance Tool and Trans-Dapt hoists was impressive during actual testing. It showed that both brands provide high-quality products that don't crack under pressure. Each brand has its own attractive feature-with Performance Tool's greater load capacity and Trans-Dapt's brass rollers. So the choice depends on what you want the hoist to do for you. If you tend to handle larger vehicles, then the 2-ton capacity of a Performance Tool hoist is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you want a hoist that could make the job of installing or removing your car's engine easier, then opt for a Trans-Dapt hoist instead.