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Honda Accord Parts and Honda Accord Accessories

Honda established itself as a builder of a high-quality, fun-to-drive, dependable and fuel-stingy little car. The Honda Accord took this concept to a higher level by offering more room, style and power while being economical, reliable and easy to park. Originally offered only in two-door hatchback form, the Accord rode a 93.7-inch wheelbase, weighed about 2,000 pounds and sported a clean, uncluttered body style. The interior design featured a combination of comfortable seating, logical control/gauge placements and topnotch-quality switchgear.
With an output of 68 horsepower, the Accord's 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine pales in comparison to some "economy" cars of today that have double this output from their four bangers. An only one of its kind feature of the Accord's engine was Honda's CVCC head design that promoted cleaner, more competent combustion. The CVCC design, introduced a year earlier on the Civic, did not require a catalytic converter nor unleaded fuel to meet emissions standards. Transmission choice consisted of the standard, slick-shifting five-speed manual gearbox or a two-speed "Hondamatic" that blunted any attempts at peppy performance.
Honda Accord body parts contribute to the utmost performance of this vehicle. A host of convenience features includes: a tilt & telescopic leather wrapped steering wheel, 8-way fully electronic driver seat adjustment, self retracting side rear view mirrors, an audio remote control on the steering wheel, headlamp adjuster knob on the dashboard, electronic operation of windows with the ignition off, headlamps with auto-off function, front CD storage with lid, double level central storage console with a power outlet, front & rear glass holders, wider sunglass holder, enhanced interior lighting as well as retractable assist grips. All these parts and features boost the performance of your car.
Honda Accord's reliability, combined with comparatively easy engine, exhausts and body modification, makes this car a street enthusiast's favorite. Adding Honda performance parts to your vehicle is an exciting hobby and way of turning a standard streetcar into a race champion. Performance parts are available for almost every aspect of hour car, from exhaust enhancements to aerodynamic ground effect kits. These performance parts also improve the speed and handling of your car and its visual appeal as well. These Honda Accord car parts are made of finest durable materials to ensure the satisfaction of every Honda Accord enthusiast. All these parts, Honda Accord parts, Honda Accord car accessories parts, and even Honda Accord used parts can be found through online stores. It is the fastest and convenient way to find for your Honda Accord parts.