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Honda Accord Blower Motor Resistor

Symptoms and Reasons behind a Faulty Honda Accord Blower Motor Resistor

Keeping your car's air conditioning and heating fans fully functional is made possible with an efficient blower motor resistor. This part is also responsible for regulating the speed of the fans. So, when this part ages, you may find several fan defects that may range from loss of power to fan speed problems. These fan problems can be irritating if not addressed immediately. So if you think your Honda Accord blower motor resistor is already at the brink of its service life, better perform some troubleshooting. Here are just some of the symptoms that you may encounter with faulty blower motor resistors.

No air moving through the vents

The most common reason behind a blower that fails to move air through the vents is defective circuitry. You see, a blower motor resistor has a small circuit board that can become brittle from constant heating and cooling. So to diagnose, simply check the condition of the circuit board if it is still in good shape or if it is already broken. A damaged circuit board results to resistor failure, which is why the part fails to send power to the blower motor.

Failure to control fan speed

When the blower motor resistor fails, there is a chance that you will lose control of your auto's fan speeds. This defect is primarily a result of coil breakage. See, the blower motor resistor consists of coils relative to the number of fan speeds your vehicle has. These coils are crucial in fan control because they are the ones responsible for creating the resistance needed to control your car's fan speed. So, to troubleshoot, check for broken coils on the blower motor resistor. A broken coil part indicates that the fan will not be able to work on that particular fan speed.

Power loss

A faulty fuse is the most common culprit behind blower motor resistor power loss. Simply check your service manual for the location of the fuse and test it using a 12-volt test light. Also, make sure that the ignition key is on when testing the part. This will help you tell if the fuse is working by checking if both terminals have power. In case only one of the terminals has power, then this indicates that the fuse needs to be replaced.

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  • Tips in Keeping Your Honda Accord Blower Motor Resistor in Top Shape

    What controls your auto's fan speed and air conditioning settings is your blower motor resistor. It is important to keep this part in its best condition if you want to keep your ride cool and comfortable especially during summer when the days are hot and arid. Failing to address resistor problems can cause unnecessary inconvenience, which may pull you out of your comfort zone. If you are looking for ways to keep your Honda Accord blower motor well-conditioned, then you are in luck. Here are a few steps and reminders in performing blower motor resistor maintenance:

    Regularly perform a diagnostic test.

    When blower motor resistors become wrecked and damaged, the most convenient solution is a replacement. Luckily, these non-serviceable components can be changed easily because the replacement parts are affordable. So if you want to extend the part's service life, the best form of preventive maintenance is a comprehensive diagnostic test. Inspecting and testing the blower motor resistor once or twice a month should already be enough. It's also a good thing that you will only need wrenches, screwdrivers, and a multimeter for diagnosis. All of these basic tools are readily available in your local auto supply store.

    Listen for the sound of the blower motor.

    Early detection of a blower motor resistor defect is a good way in maintaining the heating and cooling fans' condition. A tell-tale sign of a damaged resistor is the absence of blower motor sound. In addition, this could also indicate a loose wire or a blown fuse. If this is the case with your Honda Accord, then better find a blower replacement immediately. This will help address inconvenience, especially when driving during summer or hot weather.

    Keep the blower motor clean with an air compressor.

    Keeping the blower motor clean and efficient is just as important as maintaining the resistor. You will need to detach the motor from its mount and clean the radial fan with an air compressor. In addition, wipe any signs of dirt and debris inside the radial motor with a 1 mm punch. Cleaning the blower motor parts should help in keeping the heating and air conditioner parts working smoothly.