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Honda Accord Bumper Bracket

Honda Accord Bumper Bracket Troubleshooting

The success of Honda Accord is not only attributed to the technology that is being used by Honda, but also to the design that is being implemented in every generation of the Accord. Now, more than ever, Honda boasts its ninth-generation Accord that is technologically more advanced and offers a better and more refined exterior design than the past. But regardless of how old your Accord is, one thing remains clear: it is crafted with safety, technology, and style in mind. That is why even the smallest detail and smallest part has to be almost perfect, if not perfect. Speaking of small part, the Honda Accord bumper bracket is the focus of this article. See how it affects your vehicle and how to fix it should it no longer holds your bumper perfectly:

Sagging front or rear bumpers

Over time, your bumpers will sag and sadly, you cannot prevent them from happening. This unsightly occurrence only gets worse when the space between your bumpers and your fenders (and trunk) begins to host dirt and grime that simply cannot be removed with the usual hose down and car wash. However, you can restore your bumpers to its original place by replacing the bumper brackets. These cheap and small metal brackets that attach your bumper to the rest of the vehicle and the ones that keep your bumpers from falling to the ground are the ones that are causing the sag. Remove the bumper cover by locating the bumper brackets. Replace the brackets with new ones and the sag is solved.

Misaligned bumper

Whether it is front or rear bumpers, a misaligned bumper will not leave you with a happy face. Misalignment happens when something taps on your bumper-a heavy object with enough energy, say another vehicle-causing it to move from its correct location or if you hit a big pothole at high speed or another object, say small animal. Either way, the repair is simple. Remove the bumper from the car. Check if the tabs, screws and the metal bumper brackets are damaged. Realign the bumper and replace the brackets if necessary. Reinstall the bumper once you get the correct alignment.

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Honda Accord Bumper Bracket Available Years

  • Honda Accord Bumper Bracket Maintenance Tips

    While every Honda Accord is well engineered and built to last for several years, constant wear and tear, weathering, corrosion, and road abuse will take its toll on its bumper brackets, causing the bumper covers to sag or to get misaligned. A simple solution may be repairing the bumper covers or replacing the bumper brackets, but there are other ways to keep your bumpers from falling out of place. To know more about how to maintain Honda Accord bumper covers see the information below:

    Keep your bumpers from bumping into another vehicle.

    Essentially, maintaining Honda Accord bumper bracket is maintaining the bumper covers. If you are going to use your vehicle as a battering ram, your bumpers and their brackets will pay the price-and you will pay the bill. Bumper covers are designed to absorb minimal impact; more than 2 mph across the full width and 1 mph on the corners. More than that and you find yourself replacing your bumper and its brackets.

    Replace corroded metal brackets.

    Metal bumper brackets hold the bumper covers in place. But corrosion can cause the bumpers to sag or fall out of alignment. While most sagging bumpers aren't caused by corroded bumper brackets, it pays to check the brackets once in a while. The good time the check the condition of the metal brackets is when you start to notice that the gap between the bumper and the fender and light (and trunk) is getting wider. Replace the corroded metal brackets or re-set the bumpers to correct the problem.

    Do not put weight on the bumper.

    Sitting on the bumper will put unnecessary pressure on the bumper covers, the screws, pins, and brackets that hold them in place. The result may not be visible right away, but over time, constant and frequent pressure on the bumpers will put them out of alignment. The solution? Do not treat your bumper the way you treat a truck's tailgate. Also, driving on uneven roads at high speed puts stress not only on the suspension, but also in the brackets. Drive slowly if you're on an uneven surface.