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Honda Accord Door

Common Problems of a Honda Accord Door

Having problems with your Honda Accord door? It may be one of the listed issues below. Read on if you need help in identifying the door problem that you're dealing with.

Latch Issues

The latch of your Honda Accord door can give you quite a headache if it's acting up. The latch can make your door very difficult to open or close if it's rusty, worn-out, or simply lacks lubrication. Hopefully, the cause of the problem is the last one since the lack of lubrication can be easily mended. Otherwise, you'll have to replace the corroded or worn-out latch. Don't worry; installing a new latch shouldn't give you much trouble, especially if you're an experienced DIYer.

Broken Rod or Cable

Aside from the door latch, a broken rod or cable inside your Honda Accord door can pose problems for you. You'll naturally have trouble in opening or closing the door if its mechanism is damaged. To get to the bottom of the issue, you'll have to remove the door panel. Once the panel is off, look for the source of the problem and identify if it needs to be replaced.


Misalignment issues can also make the opening and closing of your Honda Accord door difficult. There a few reasons why your door can become misaligned. The leading cause of it, though, is sagging, which often results from a bent, rusted, or worn-out door hinge or the lack of a door weatherstripping seal. If your door is misaligned due to a problematic hinge, you'll have to replace the said component. This is a bit more tedious than installing a new door weatherstripping seal; but still, replacing a hinge shouldn't be that difficult.


If rainwater manages to make its way inside your Accord via one of the doors, then that particular door's weatherstripping seal may already be worn out. You see, a door weatherstripping seal deteriorates over time. If it's no longer in good condition, your Honda Accord door won't be able to lock out rainwater, moisture, and air properly. There's no way to fix a worn-out door weatherstripping seal, thus you're left with no choice but to replace it.

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  • Maintenance Tips: Honda Accord Door

    If you don't want to end up with a jammed Honda Accord door, you'll want to put some effort in its maintenance. Taking care of a Honda Accord door isn't tough work anyway, thus there's no reason to be lazy about it. Detailed below are some of the ways to do that.

    Periodically lubricate the latch and the hinge.

    As you probably know, both the latch and the hinge of your Honda Accord door require lubrication in order to carry out their respective functions. If the said parts lack lubrication, your door can become stuck. So yeah, do lubricate both periodically to prevent any problems from arising.

    Always keep an eye out for signs of damage, rust, or wearing out.

    Some of the components of your Honda Accord door can cause problems for you if they're damaged, corroded, or are already worn-out. For instance, you'll have trouble opening or closing your car door if its latch isn't in good shape. The same can be said if there's a broken rod or cable within your door's mechanism. Your car door will also sag (therefore making it difficult to open or close as well) if the door hinge is rusted or bent. With those said, it's best to always keep an eye out for the said conditions (you'll have to take off the door panel to check out the rods and cables, though). Doing so should prevent you from being surprised by a jammed door or whatnot.

    Clean your weatherstripping seals regularly.

    The weatherstripping seals of your Honda Accord doors will deteriorate over time, no matter what you do. They keep out rainwater, moisture, and air (thus they are highly exposed to these) after all, that's why you shouldn't be surprised by that. However, you can somewhat delay the inevitable-and save money in the process-by regularly cleaning your weatherstripping seals.

    Don't worry; cleaning weatherstripping seals isn't difficult. In fact, it won't take a lot of your time. You can start by mixing dish soap with hot water. After that, grab an old toothbrush and dip it into the mix of soap and water. Scrub all of your weatherstripping seals thoroughly with the brush. Make sure to cover all the areas. Dry the seals completely before closing your Honda Accord doors.