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Honda Accord Headlight Assembly

Identifying the Reasons why a Honda Accord Headlight Assembly Fails

A Honda Accord headlight assembly is essential to your safety. It helps you navigate on the roads on rainy, foggy, and snowy days. Without well-functioning headlights, you can be a victim of serious road accidents that often lead to loss of life and property. That's why, having a broken headlight assembly is scary. Good thing, headlight repair procedures are very easy. You just have to determine the primary causes first why your lights fail. Through this, you can determine the right solution to make your headlights function again.

A bulb doesn't light up.

The most common headlight problem is a blown-out bulb. This happens when only one bulb in the entire assembly suddenly stops working. It's very easy to troubleshoot this particular problem. All you need to do is to visually inspect the bulbs. Observe the color, form, and shape of the filament bulbs. A blown-out bulb usually has dark markings on the glass. The filament also looks burnt. Replace the defective bulb right away. Test the newly installed bulb. If it lights up, then you're good to go.

Both bulbs are not working.

When both bulbs stopped working, there are two things that you must look into: First, you should check the fuse. The headlight fuse in a Honda Accord is the one that is labeled number 5. Inspect the physical appearance of the fuse especially the copper pins. If the pins look burnt, you need to replace the fuse. Second, check the switch. A defective switch cannot control the flow of electricity in the light assembly. Verify the condition of the switch using a voltmeter. Place the terminals on the switch itself and observe the readings. When there's no voltage reading, the switch must be replaced.

Bulbs are flickering

It's not normal for the headlight bulbs to flicker. Clearly, it is a sign of headlight problem. If you keep on experiencing this, you need to check the wire connections immediately. The electrical cables deliver the needed power supply in the headlight assembly to keep the bulbs lit. If the lights sputter, it's possible that there is no enough electricity in the headlight assembly. Check the wires if they are corroded or if the plastic insulator is chipping. Replace any damaged wires. Also, check the car battery and the alternator. If the battery has no enough power, the alternator might be severely damaged. This entails a more costly repair.

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  • Care Tips for your Honda Accord Headlight Assembly

    Your Honda Accord headlight assembly is composed of several components. If one of them gets severely damaged, expect that your headlight won't function properly. That's why in maintaining your headlight assembly, you should not just focus on one part alone. You have to provide a holistic care to make sure that your headlights won't succumb to stress, deterioration, and failure.

    Combat rust.

    Corrosion can make the bulbs flicker and blow off. It targets and damages the bulb sockets first, and then it spreads to the electrical wires and harnesses. To prevent rust, there are two things that you should do: first, make sure that the headlight lenses are tightly closed to prevent rain water from getting inside the headlight assembly. Second, apply dielectric grease onto the socket openings to inhibit corrosion.

    Clean wires.

    Keeping the electrical cables clean will help you fight corrosion. It also increases their potential to conduct more electricity for an unimpeded headlight operation. In cleaning the wires, don't forget to wipe the pins. Check the rubber insulation as well for chips and flakes. Apply a coating of dielectric grease to prevent future corrosion.

    Replace in pairs.

    Always keep this in mind when replacing your headlight bulbs: replace in pairs. Even if only one bulb in the assembly is busted, you should replace both light. This is to make sure that both lights will have the same level of brightness.

    Have enough supply of electricity.

    The car battery and the alternator also play a huge part in the headlight operation. They supply electricity in the light fixture to make it work. When there's not enough power, the light bulbs may suffer from stress. To prevent this, inspect your battery regularly. Make sure that the alternator is capable of charging the battery to guarantee enough supply of electricity.

    Clear headlight lenses.

    Hazy headlight lenses block the light beams coming from the bulbs. As a result, your headlights will appear dim and faint. Remove oxidation from your glass or plastic lenses by applying glass cleaner. This product efficiently clears the haze on the lenses to make them look brand new.