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Honda Accord Hubcaps

Honda Accord Hubcaps Troubleshooting

Honda Accord hubcaps should fit perfectly onto your rims. If they are a little misaligned, you feel that they look a little off, or you notice noise that shouldn't be there, something must be wrong-whether in the installation or in the hubcaps themselves. Here's how to diagnose some common problems with Honda Accord hubcaps:

Misaligned and wobbling hubcaps

First of all, driving a car with misaligned and wobbling hubcaps can pose danger to the people around you as they may fall off of the wheel and hit another car, a pedestrian, or a structure. Solve this problem right away by removing the hubcap(s) in question and refitting it back onto the wheels. The hubcaps should be mounted firmly onto the rims with the perimeter in full contact all around the steel wheel. Once installed, make sure that the hubcaps don't move when you shake them off. If they did, retighten them until you can no longer shake them off.

Noise from new hubcaps

Wrongly installed or broken hubcaps are most likely the causes of the noise. Determine which hubcap(s) is creating the noise. You will easily spot it. Check each hubcap if they are securely fastened. Loose hubcaps may break eventually or fall off of the wheel. Tighten any loose hubcaps with the right lug wrench, just enough so that it will not crack. Take your vehicle for a test drive and see if the noise is gone. Take note that each year model of Honda Accords may have different hubcaps sizes so check if you have bought ill-fitted hubcaps. If that's the case, you may have to ditch your hubcaps and buy a correct set.

Hubcaps easily get loose

The easiest and most sensible way to solve this problem is to grab a lug wrench and tighten the hubcaps. But if you have tightened your hubcaps repeatedly, but they easily get loose, you may have to use retainer clips or cable ties that will hold the hubcaps tightly in place-that cable ties used by policemen instead of handcuffs. Cable ties might not be the most aesthetically pleasing solution, but they will get the job done. Just cut the excess cable with a pair of scissors.

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  • Honda Accord Hubcaps Maintenance and Care Guide

    Honda Accord hubcaps are an essential accessory for this mid-size sedan. While they do not have anything to do with how the car performs, they can greatly improve the overall stance and image of the vehicle's exterior. As important aesthetic pieces, they should be installed onto the wheels correctly, and they should be maintained properly. Whether your hubcaps cover the center of the wheel or the entire surface of the wheel, here are the ways to keep them looking good for a long time:

    Regularly check the fit of your hubcaps.

    As the hubcaps move with the wheels, the constant spinning and vibration can wear out the bolts of the hubcaps and make them loose. Also, the retention clips (if your hubcaps come with them) may get dislodged after the wheels run onto bumps. Tighten the hubcaps with a screwdriver or a lug wrench, allowing no noticeable free play. Also check for any damage that may cause the hubcaps to fall off. Watch out for vibrating or clicking noise caused by loose hubcaps hitting the wheels.

    Remove any lubrication around the wheel.

    If you have just had your tires repaired, you might have applied lubrication to make the wheel slide into the rim more easily. Wipe this lubrication off of the wheel, right where the hubcaps are mounted. Products that contain silicone can increase the sleekness of the surface that prevents the rims to stay in place.

    Replace the hubcaps that are damaged or hubcaps that do not stay on.

    There is no point in keeping deformed hubcaps or hubcaps that do not stay on. More often than not, the only solution is to replace them right away with new ones.

    Clean the hubcaps with soap and water.

    Hubcaps are easy to clean and require no less than soap and water. Do not use strong detergent, chemicals, or abrasive materials that can damage, scratch, or discolor the hubcaps. Use a regular towel soaked in soapy water to wipe the dirt away. Rinse the hubcaps with water and dry with cloth.