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Honda Accord Lug Nut

Diagnosing and Fixing Honda Accord Lug Nut Problems

Whether it's changing a flat tire or replacing a broken CV joint, one of the parts that we often deal with when repairing or maintaining the Honda Accord is the lug nut. And the constant tightening and loosening of the lug nuts will eventually take its toll. In addition, moisture and other environmental factors can also stress out the lug nuts and cause it to deteriorate. But whether it's man-made or cause by the elements, worn and damaged Honda Accord lug nuts can be quite a problem especially when you need to change tires and other wheel components.

Rounded or stripped lug nuts

Stripped or rounded lug nuts can be an Accord owner's worst nightmare. Stripped lug nuts are often caused by using the wrong tools - such as pliers or a socket wrench that's one size too large - to tighten or loosen the nuts, stripping away the edges which, over time, could result with a rounded shape that would prove to be next to impossible to remove. Lug nuts with minor to moderate stripping may still be removed by using a socket wrench that's one size smaller or with a special nut remover. Nuts that are severely eroded, however, may need to be broken apart or chiseled open. Either way, stripped nuts must be discarded and replaced with new ones.

Loose nuts

Lug nuts that keep coming loose are a potential hazard that can cause the tires to fall off. Check if the nuts are tightened properly; even over-tightened nuts can have reduced clamping force as the threads get stretched beyond their ability to respond to torque. Also, steel lug nuts have also been known come loose even when properly torqued if used in conjunction with aluminum wheels as they expand and contract at different temperatures. Make sure that the nuts match the same material as the wheels.

Rusted nuts

The stock lug nuts of the Honda Accord are coated with a protective finish that protects it against corrosion, but over time this coating will wear off and the nut will start to rust. Thankfully, rusted lug nuts can be cleaned using sand paper and wire brush, while stubborn rust stains can be removed using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

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  • Simple Maintenance Tips for Honda Accord Lug Nuts

    The lug nuts are often the most overlooked parts of the Honda Accord when it comes to maintenance. In fact, in a lot of cases lug nuts are considered as disposable by car owners and are left to wear and deteriorate until they are replaced. But with regular maintenance, you can save a bit of money buying replacement lug nuts as they can last longer before wearing out. What's more, lug nuts that are properly maintained are less likely to cause problems compared to worn nuts. In this guide, we'll share some simple yet effective care and maintenance for Honda Accord lug nuts.

    Make sure that the nuts are tightened properly.

    Most cases of lug nut wear is due to incorrect tightening. Under-tightened lug nuts can cause the wheel to wobble, the tire treads to wear out prematurely, and, in worst case scenarios, the entire wheel to come off the hub. Over-tightened lug nuts, on the other hand, can damage the threads and reduce their responsiveness. Over-tightening can also lead to other problems such as warped brake rotors and cracked nuts. Make sure that all the lug nuts in your Accord follow their recommended torque specifications.

    Clean the lug nuts regularly.

    Regular cleaning can help extend the service life of the lug nuts in your car. Scrubbing the nuts with warm, soapy water with a scrub brush usually removes most dirt and grime, while rust can be eradicated using a wire brush and sandpaper. For tough rust stains, cover the affected areas with a paste made of 3 tablespoons baking soda and 2 teaspoons vinegar and let it sit for 20 minutes before scrubbing it with a wire brush. Make sure to dry the nuts afterwards to prevent the rust from coming back.

    Apply Loctite threadlocker on the nuts for a tight fit.

    Loctite threadlocker products can help prevent the lug nuts in your Accord from becoming loose, but you need to be careful what type of Loctite you use or else it'll be next to impossible to remove them later. Usually, medium-strength is potent enough to secure the nuts in place yet pliable enough to be removed using hand tools. Apply Loctite to both the lug nut and the bolt (make sure to avoid the first three threads).