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Honda Accord Tail Light Assembly

Honda Accord Tail Light Assembly: Three Common Problems You Have to Know

Your Honda Accord tail light assembly is one of the automotive lights mandated by law for road vehicles. This part is very important in preventing road accidents especially those that can occur at night. Through constant use, your car's tail light assembly will show signs of malfunction. If you notice that the tail lights of your Honda Accord are acting a bit weird, you have to do some troubleshooting before you head for the road. Here are some of the common problems you might encounter:

No brake light from the tail light assembly

When the brake light of your Honda Accord tail light assembly is not working, the first thing you should do is to remember when was the last time you have replaced the brake light bulb. This might be a simple case of a busted light bulb. However, if you have replaced it just recently, then you need to check the fuse of the tail lights located under the hood. You will see the label "instrument lights" when you look for it. You should check the voltage of the fuse if it's still good.

Tail lights that won't turn off

When the tail lights of your car are still on even after you have switched the car off, you must immediately remove the negative terminal of the battery because this will cause the battery to drain. You need to check the tail light switch because it might be the source of the problem. Make sure you have a repair manual ready, so you won't mess the other parts when removing the tail light switch. A test light will be very useful to check the condition of the wires.

Fogging tail lights

Fog inside your Honda Accord tail lights builds up because of condensation from the unpredictable weather. This will limit the brightness of the tail lights and may pose problems to other motorists when you're driving at night. You can purchase a new tail light assembly to end the problem, or you can save some money and fix it instead. One way is by removing the tail lights from your car and drying it using a hair dryer. You can wrap the outer ring of the tail light sockets with a plumber's tape to prevent condensation from building up again.

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  • Honda Accord Tail Light Assembly: Keep It Clean with These Helpful Tips

    Your Honda Accord tail light assembly has to be maintained to ensure that its parts are working properly and the light it provides meets the safety regulation. However, dirt, grime, and other harmful elements are just around the corner, and they're always threatening to mess up your car's tail light assembly. To prevent this from happening, here are some simple maintenance tips you can easily perform:

    Wash the surface of the tail light assembly regularly.

    An effective way of washing your Honda Accord tail light assembly is by using automotive soap and water. This simple technique will remove the stubborn dirt on tail light's surface. You can use a plastic spray bottle to apply the automotive soap, and a soft sponge can spread the soap evenly. If swirl marks and scratches are noticeable on the surface of the tail light assembly, you should use 1500-grit sandpaper to rub them off until the surface becomes smooth. It is important to apply liquid automotive polish afterwards to keep the tail light assembly protected.

    Keep the inside portion of the tail light assembly free from residue.

    Aside from washing the surface of the tail light assembly, the inside portion has to be maintained as well. Dirt and grime can seep inside the tail light's housing because of condensation; and before you know it, there's already a foggy buildup inside. When this happens, you should detach the tail light from your car and place it in a dry area so the residue can evaporate. To prevent moisture from seeping again, you can wrap the corners of the tail light assembly with a plumber's tape. However, you should apply the tape cleanly so the tail light won't look messy from the outside.

    Inspect the wires of the tail light assembly.

    A good preventive maintenance for your Honda Accord tail light assembly is by checking its wiring once a year. This habit can help you detect some problems before they occur. You can do this by using a 12-volt test light to determine the voltage of the wires. However, you have to be familiar with your car's wiring system or at least have the wiring diagram beside you, so you can check the wires correctly.