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Honda Accord Valance

Usual Problems of a Honda Accord Valance

People want the best for their cars. They want to have flashier, more stylish cars than the other guys. That's why most people tend to customize a lot, and want to cover things that would not make their car look good. A valance does just that. These are installed for the very purpose of covering parts of a car that you do not want to get damaged. Remove them and you may have a problem keeping your car scratch-free. Here are some of the usual problems you need to look out for with a valance:

Not a good fit

There have been instances when some owners have wanted a custom job on their vehicles and disassembled their valance to get it done. However, upon returning, they spot a gap between some of the more important parts of the vehicle. Learn to spot these gaps to keep them from being obvious. Gaps like these could be a way for contaminants to enter the area your valance is supposed to be keeping safe.

Debris scratches

Being a part of the lower area of a car, your valance has a tendency to become damaged from all the debris it might meet. These include most of the material that you happen to come across while driving on the road. Some find it difficult to avoid this, and most of these could leave ugly marks and scratches on your valance. Learn to drive safely if you find no other way to avoid them from harming your valance.

Weld corrosion

You might encounter a hard time removing your valance when you are going to clean it or change it out. Your valance is spot-welded to the body of a car to give stability. It may become stuck to your car's frame because the weld had rusted out so much that your valance is not coming off. You could scrape off some of the rust to be able to remove it. Replacement is also an option if your valance's spot-welds are badly rusted out.

Other things to remember

When replacing your valance, you should remember to weld properly. Sometimes people tend to pull the panel to the line-up and then spot-weld afterwards. This is not recommended, as it distorts the valance.

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  • Maintenance 101: How to Ensure Your Honda Accord Valance is Looking Good

    Car owners often place importance in the way their vehicles look. Like you, they want their ride to be the meanest-looking on the block. But how can they do that if their vehicles are covered with scratches, even in the areas that are unseen? This is what covers are for. A valance is something that usually covers the front end and rear end of the car, located just underneath the bumper. A bad valance will usually do nothing to prevent the scratches and unsightly marks on a vehicle. You need to remember these when dealing with your valance's maintenance:

    Choose the right valance for your car

    You would most probably want to upgrade the look of your car by installing different custom parts on it. Custom parts are okay, so long as they are fitted for the specific make and model of your car. When installing a valance on your car, make sure that it is the right size for the specific make and model of your car. For instance, installing a Civic valance on a Honda Accord would not work, and vice versa.

    Keep your valance clean

    Your valance is held exactly in those places because, like all good car covers, they are meant to keep dirt and grime away from the inside of your vehicle. However, continuous use forces a lot of these to accumulate on it. Although they are designed to withstand huge amounts of these, a dirty valance isn't a good valance at all. You should practice the habit of including it in a clean-up to make all parts of your car look squeaky clean.

    Paint your valance

    Most valances come along with your car already painted. As time passes by, though, they tend to become discolored, turning to a dull gray color. Some valance also get so scratched and damaged that they get disfigured. To make your valance look like new again, you should consider painting your valance. Painted valances would look more appealing, aside from that you could also customize it according to your car's color.

    Replace your valance

    If your valance has become too old or too faded to use, you could choose to replace it. Replacing your valance could bring back the lost beauty of your car. It would also bring back the old protection that your car gets against dirt and road debris.