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Honda Accord Window Visor

How to Take Care of Your Honda Accord Window Visor

It is such a pleasure driving the Honda Accord. It has a capable engine, nice body style, and spacious interior that are perfect for yuppies and families alike. You enjoy it further when you roll down the windows to invite the refreshing breeze into your car. This works on sunny days in spring and summer where rain is nowhere to be found. However, when rain begins to set in, you will have to be equipped with some protection to continue enjoying rolled down windows even for a little bit. This is why the Honda Accord window visor is installed to your car. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your panel. Follow these steps to enjoy the full benefits of this panel.

  • Always check if the adhesive is still firmly planted on your door.

Since the Honda Accord window visor is attached to your Honda Accord's door with an adhesive tape, you should always check if it is still firmly planted on your door. A sign of an effective adhesive leaves no gaps or misaligned panels when you look at it closely. If you think the adhesive tape is about to give up on you, replace it as soon as possible.

  • Be on the look-out for cracks and chips on the window visor.

The Honda Accord window visor can accumulate damages over time. Constant exposure to dust, particles, moisture, varying temperatures, and other factors can wear the material with different effects. So be on the look-out for cracks, chips, discolorations and haze on your visor. If you are able to spot it right away, you might still have a chance of addressing it before worse things happen. Your last resort would be replacing the panel.

  • Wash your window visors with water.

Give your Honda Accord window visor a wash with clean water. This can get rid of light layers of dirt that have accumulated on the surface. It can also loosen other materials sticking in between your panel and door. Don't forget to gently scrub the surface using a sponge or wash mitt soaked in your car shampoo solution.

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  • Tips on Installing Your Honda Accord Window Visor

    The Honda Accord is one of the more popular Japanese cars in the market today. People drive it out for errands to the grocery store, school, or longer trips to the beach and lake house. But when rain begins to set in, it seems that there is no way that you can roll down your windows even for just a little. Actually, there is a chance to do so. When you install a Honda Accord window visor set, you can have a little bit of protection from elements when you roll down your windows. To ensure that it serves you well, here are some tips on install the Honda Accord window visor. Read along.

    Tip #1: Get the window visor that matches the exact model of your Accord.

    Picking out the right window visor designed specifically for your Honda Accord ensures that it will fit right away upon mounting. When you get the specific panels for the year and model of your car, you can expect that it follows the lines of the window with minimal or no discrepancy at all. If you accomplish that, then it is most likely that you will have a trouble-free installation from the beginning.

    Tip #2: Handle and lay out the window visor properly as you prepare for the installation.

    The window visor is usually made of the less expensive plastic composition. Despite that, you should be extra careful when handling these panels. By being careful with the window visor, you avoid putting on damages like scratches and cracks on it. We don't want you ending up with a newly installed window visor that already has eye sores.

    Tip #3: Apply the adhesive tape on the surfaces to be mounted with extra care.

    You have to put the adhesive tape firmly on the underside of the window visor with extra care. You should see to it that there will be no gaps or air pockets to ensure that the tapes will fully hold the visor intact. Moreover, it will seal any gaps from where droplets can pass through.

    Tip #4: Clean the surfaces to be attached.

    Clean the surfaces that you will be attaching to each other to avoid particles getting caught up in between. Leaving it unclean can hinder the adhesives from taking full effect.