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Honda Accord Windshield Washer Tank

Some Common Problems of a Honda Accord Windshield Washer Tank

The rainy season gives a lot of surprises even for the most prepared. In the case of car owners such as yourself, there are nasty prizes in store for you when driving your car through a downpour. There might be times when you drive through it, and your car comes out dirtier than before. You cannot afford your windshield to be dirty, and that is why you need to have your windshield washer tank full. If your windshield wiper tank is faulty, however, you won't get the water out to help clean your dirty windshield. Below are some problems that you may meet.

Checking for leaks

There is a common weakness with tanks that contain liquid, be it engine coolant or just plain water. This is the problem that compounds all reservoir systems: leaks. They are the main problems which often leave tanks without their contents, and have been one of the most common problems in cars. If you notice that your windshield washer is fully operating but does not give out any liquid, the problem could be that you have a leak in your windshield washer tank.

Pump connections

Windshield washer tanks usually have a pump that connects them to the main system. In the event that your windshield wiper system doesn't give out any liquid whatsoever, check your windshield washer tank. In case it appears to be fully working, you should take a look at your windshield wiper pump. Chances are, something is wrong with the pump. It could have burnt out or developed leaks due to excessive use.

Dirty water

This can be compounded even more if you have a faulty windshield washer tank. If your water appears to becloudy, and it doesn't do any better in helping you get rid of your clouded windshield, chances are you might have a problem with your windshield washer fluid. Sometimes leaks can help dust contaminate your washer supply. This results in water actually being more of a hindrance than a help.

Other problems with the sprayers

If you have done all that you can and your windshield washer system is fine already but is still not giving out water, check out other parts of your washer system. It could be that an often neglected part-windshield spray nozzles-could have gotten clogged with debris. Check for any sign of problem by sticking a pin or a toothpick right into the nozzle to dislodge any dirt that may be stuck clogging it.

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  • Car Maintenance Tips: Ensuring Your Honda Accord Windshield Washer Tank is A-OK

    Driving on the road can certainly pose a lot of challenges for you. Some of the challenges can involve having a clouded field of vision, where only a tank of windshield washer can help. But what if your windshield washer tankis broken and cannot help? You might end up having more problems that you started with, like an accident slowly in the making. You should take heed of these simple steps in making sure you don't end up in a pile-up:

    Never add any other liquid to the washer liquid

    There are special fluids used today in cars to clean your windshield, and these are specially formulated not to freeze during the long winter break. This is why you should never add a lot of water to the mix of your windshield washer tank. Doing so may prevent it from being able to clean the windshield properly. Another thing is that water might actually take away the anti-freezing properties of the liquid, causing it to ice-over during cold, wintry temperatures.

    Replace broken pumps and caps

    Windshield washer tanks should be treated just like any other tank on a car. Once it shows signs that a single or several parts are beginning to wear out, it's best to look for replacements. Of particular importance are the washer cap and the pump. Without the cap, the windshield washer tank is susceptible to being intruded upon by contaminants and other gunk coming from the outside. Likewise, the pump cannot contribute properly to the system if it is cracked and riddled with leaks. Replace them with new parts as needed.

    Change your windshield washer fluid

    You don't have to wait for your regular car check-up for a top-up on your windshield washer fluid. All you need are two very simple parts: a funnel and some spare fluid. Learning how to change your windshield washer fluid can come in very handy, especially when you're running out of windshield washer fluid when on the road. An empty windshield washer tank will break when it's kept that way, causing even more problems for you.

    Taking care of the other parts of your system

    A windshield washer tank is as prone to other damage as is the other parts of the system. Take a look at your windshield spray and your tubing as well. If one or both of these displays a problem, change them right away. A windshield wiper tank will only work properly if everything clicks at the same time.