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Honda Civic Del Sol Parts and Honda Civic Del Sol Accessories

Seven Amazing Things about the Honda Civic del Sol

  • The Honda Civic del Sol got its name from the Honda Civic compact, from which its platform is based on, and the Spanish phrase “del Sol” or “from the sun” as reference to the roadster’s removable roof.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Honda Civic del Sol is not a convertible but a targa top. Like most targas, the del Sol has a removable hardtop, a retractable rear window, and a full roll bar behind the seats for added support. The hardtop can be stored inside the trunk, reducing the trunk space by 3 cubic feet.
  • Although it uses the platform of the Honda Civic, the del Sol is actually the successor of the Honda CR-X sports compact car. Because of this, the del Sol is marketed in Europe as the CR-X del Sol, although this was eventually dropped in later models.
  • Del Sol roadsters sold in Europe and Japan can also be fitted with the TransTop, which is an electric mechanism that allows the roof to retract into the trunk with just a push of a button. The roof is activated by flicking two catches above the windows and then pressing down the button, causing the trunk lid to rise vertically and two arms to extend into the targa top. Once the arms lock into the lid, it pulls down the targa down inside the trunk. The process is reversed when the targa top is raised back up.
  • Production and sale of the del Sol was very limited, beginning in 1992 and ending in 1998, with a total of less than 75,000 roadsters sold in America. Today, the del Sol retains a small, but energetic following in street and racing enthusiasts.
  • Del Sol roadsters marketed to the US were not offered with limited slip differentials.
  • Partly because of its unique look, the Civic del Sol was a popular prop in popular TV shows and films. TV shows such as Malcolm in the Middle, Roswell, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and the Sopranos featured various del Sol models, while a 1993 del Sol was featured as one of the racecars in the hit racing film The Fast and the Furious.

Honda Civic Del Sol Articles

  • Common Problems Encountered in Honda Civic del Sol Model 9 September 2015

    Although it shares the name of Honda’s storied line of compact cars, the Honda Civic del Sol is nothing like the Honda Civic. From its distinct targa top design and a spunky 1.5-liter VTEC engine, the del Sol definitely turned heads whenever it went. The fact that it only saw limited production with around 75,000 units available further added to its mystique.

    Del Sol owners know that their roadsters have their own set of lovable quirks, but they share a lot of problems as well. The following are some of the more common problems encountered in del Sol models.

    Removable Roof

    Probably the most frequent problem that is unique to the del Sol is with its removable roof. The roof is known to be the source of wind noise, squeaks, and other odd noises as well as water leaks on the sides and the front top corner of both windows. Cleaning the seals with a rubber protectant often solves the problem, although in more extreme cases, it might require the removal and replacement of the weatherstripping.


    Del Sol brake rotors have also been known to warp over time, leading to severe vibrations especially when braking. In such cases the rotors will have to be machined or, if the discs have become too thin, replaced with new ones. Take note that replacing the brake rotors of the del Sol will also require the replacement of the calipers.

    Engine Mounts

    Over time, the del Sol’s engine mounts will deteriorate and lead to vibration and roughness that can be felt through the steering wheel. Rattling noises in the dashboard and engine area may also be caused by faulty engine mounts. Replacing the engine mounts with new ones typically fixes these issues.

    A/C System

    The A/C system of the del Sol is also prone to leaks, leading to reduced effectiveness or even a complete breakdown of the car’s A/C unit. Replacement of the leaking components is necessary, as simply plugging in the leaks is not as effective and the seal will give way over time.

    Mold has also been known to grow on the evaporators, leading to a foul odor coming out of the A/C. Cleaning the evaporator with bleach effectively kills the mold, but if the smell stays the same, the evaporator itself may need replacing.