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Honda Civic Bumper Cover

How to Take Care of Your Honda Civic Bumper Cover

The Honda Civic slowly crept into the American automotive scene as an economic performer. Some enthusiasts just can't get enough of when that V-tec kick in yo! When you drive through the highway and twisties on the mountainside, you feel the power on the front wheels as they grip the road. You just have to watch out for road hazards before they hit your bumper. A damaged bumper is not only an eye sore but is also a driving hazard. While the Honda Civic bumper cover is your front line protection, it also has other functions. It supports your Honda Civic's aerodynamics, air induction, and style. In order to prolong its lifespan, you have to take note of methods on how to preserve your bumper. Here are some of them:

  • Avoid driving through rough roads and flooded areas if you can.

We highly recommend that you drive on well-paved roads only. But in case you can't avoid driving through rough roads or those submerged in flood, you should do so slowly and with extra caution. Driving through these areas increases the likelihood of exposing your bumper to scratches, dings, and cracks.

  • Always be on the lookout for existing scratches.

Take a deep breath. Not all bumper damage will require you to visit your local body and paint shop right away. Minor scratches can be addressed using DIY fixes and some elbow grease. There are also rubbing compounds that can be easily found in auto shops that can be used for light scratches.

  • Apply rubbing compound on light scratches for a quick fix.

Once you have identified where the light scratches are, you can proceed with applying the rubbing compound. First, you have to clean the area where you will be applying the solution. Next, you have to apply a minimum amount of the solution then rub in on the scratch in a circular motion. Allow it to dry to a haze before wiping off the excess. You can further buff it by applying a little wax then polish it off to a gloss.

  • Wash and scrub your bumper cover.

One of the most basic maintenance procedures for your bumper is including it on your regular car wash. First, you rinse off the dirt that have accumulated during your regular use. You then scrub off the surface with a sponge soaked in a car shampoo solution. Repeat as needed. Once you are able to remove the dirt and grime, you rinse the bumper again with clean running water. Wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

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  • Installation Tips for your Honda Civic Bumper Cover

    The Honda Civic has become an icon in the American import tuner scene. It has become sought after because of its economical performance and modification opportunities. The Honda Civic bumper cover is one of those panels that gets replaced or enjoyed with additional modifications. Purposes for modifications involve anywhere from improving your air induction system, aiding your aerodynamics, or just plain pimping up the looks. While it seems to be a daunting task for starters, installing a Honda Civic bumper cover is doable, given that you have the right equipment and help. Here are some tips on installing the panel.

    Tip #1: Get the specific bumper cover for the year and trim of your Honda Civic.

    You have to be very specific with the year, model, and trim of your Civic when you are ordering your part. By doing so, you reduce the risk of getting the wrong part and finding out about it just moments before the bumper installation. It will significantly save you time, effort, and money.

    Tip #2: Look for damage on the chassis and bumper cover.

    So you can be sure that your Honda Civic bumper cover can be mounted properly on your car, be diligent enough to inspect both your bumper and your chassis for any damage, bends, and what nots. It is possible that your bumper cover will not fit properly if there is any problem like damaged mounting points, misaligned subframe, or other protruding panels. If you ignore these problems, then you might well consider yourself a rolling hazard on the road.

    Tip #3: Torque the bumper bolts according to their specifications and mount the clips in their place.

    Make sure that bolts included in the Honda Civic bumper cover kit are attached and torqued according to their specifications. You do the same for any bumper clips provided as well. This ensures that your bumper is securely mounted to your car. Keep this in mind and you have your bumper sitting snuggly on your car.

    Tip #4: Check the wirings for the lights.

    You should take note of the wirings that go along with the headlights. There might be instances where the wirings can get tangled up or misplaced if you are not careful during the installation of the bumper cover.