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Honda Civic Window Regulator

A Guide to Troubleshooting the Honda Civic Window Regulator

Raising or lowering the glass windows on your car shouldn't be a problem. The Honda Civic window regulator is one of the major components that allow you to do this at ease. Although it can't be avoided that it will become problematic sooner or later, you can use these troubleshooting tips to diagnose whether or not you should already have it replaced.

Signs of slipping

If you notice that the window glass is slipping, then there definitely is a problem. Take a good look at the window regulator because this is one factor that causes that window to get stuck. You can repair this, but it will entail you to take out the door panel. If the hinges and the internals cannot be fixed, you have no other option but to get the window regulator replaced instead. It's important to get a new one so that you'd be able to raise or lower the glass windows at your own convenience and without any problems.

Odd noises

Hearing odd noises that are coming from the windows can also be a sign that one of the parts is starting to get defective. If there's grinding or rattling, you'd better start inspecting the window regulator. Get this replaced right away if you don't want the problem, such as not being able to bring the windows up and down again, to get worse.

Falling car windows

At first, you will start hearing a loud popping noise from the glass window and this indicates that a mechanism inside, such as the window regulator, got damaged. Eventually, you'll hear a snapping sound and that means that it fell. Try rolling the windows up and inspect if you hear a snap as well. If it falls down, then that's a sure sign that the window regulator is indeed broken and that you'll have to get this replaced as soon as possible.

Expert advice

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if the window regulator is broken because it can be due to a faulty switch or just a blown fuse. You can always get a second opinion by going to an expert mechanic to diagnose whether or not the problem is really caused by a faulty window regulator.

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  • Keeping the Honda Civic Window Regulator in Excellent Condition

    Are you starting to experience issues when lowering or raising the glass windows on your car? Well, it's about time that you check on the Honda Civic window regulator if it already needs proper upkeep. Some may think that it's impossible to clean this part because it's hidden inside the door panel, but there are actually ways that you can do it. Here are some maintenance tips to help you make the window regulator work great for a longer time.

    Restore the warped window regulator.

    Take note that the motors are strong but the metal is weak. Sooner or later, the window regulator will warp. If this is not restored right away, it can go terribly bad and break in half, thus requiring you to purchase and install a new one. It's not impossible to restore a warped window regulator. However, it will require you to buy new parts, but at least that's cheaper than replacing the whole regulator itself.

    Warped window regulators can be caused by jagged aluminum guide bars, which the window base glides on in order to bend. Go ahead and inspect this by separating the regulator arm from the bottom and check if the window lowers and rises. If it gets stuck midway, then you'll definitely have to get a new aluminum bar.

    Regularly clean and re-lubricate the window regulator.

    When you sense that the window starts to stick, it could mean that the window regulator is getting dirty. It's not impossible to get this cleaned to maintain its good performance. Make sure that the bolts are tight and there's still grease before removing the window regulator. Clean up any old grease from the part by using a rag and coat it with lithium grease so that it can work properly again.

    Remove the rust.

    Once the window regulator gets all rusty, it could affect how the windows go up and down. You can simply us a med-grit paper to remove the rust. Just lightly sand it, prime, and paint it to seal it. This will surely allow you to restore the Honda Civic window regulator.