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Honda Civic Window Visor

Tips to Remember in Keeping Your Honda Civic Window Visor Clean and Protected

Your Honda Civic window visor makes your riding experience more convenient. It allows you to open your windows without having trouble getting rainwater or too much wind noise in. It has a deflective feature against different road and weather elements, so you can get nothing but fresh air or a nice open view for a more enjoyable road trip. This add-on also adds up to the sleek style of your Honda Civic. However, this component can also wear out because of its exposure to sun, dust, and dirt. For it to enjoy its maximum lifespan, you must know how to take care of your window visor. Here are some tips for you:

  • Wash and wipe your window visor to get rid of dirt and moisture.

Wash your window visor thoroughly using a damp soft rag and mild car soap to get rid of sticky or dirty residues and excess moisture. You should clean your window visor regularly to prevent dirt and other road debris from scratching or damaging it further.

  • Use an anti-UV protectant and an appropriate cleaner depending on your window visor.

You may apply a protectant on your window visor. It has a feature that shields it against UV rays, which can cause damage and fading of the visor's finish. Aside from the protectant, you may also use the appropriate type of cleaner for the specific type of your window visor. For instance, use a plastic cleaner if you have a plastic window visor. If you have a lightly padded window visor, which has a similar material to your carpet kit, a carpet cleaner can do the trick.

  • Handle your window visor with care and store it if necessary to extend its life.

Handle your window visor carefully as it can be deformed and can fade over time. You can store it in a dry area, in situations where you will not use it or your vehicle for some time. This can keep your window visor intact from any potential damage. This is usually done on winter, when some vehicles are stored and not used for the entire season.

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  • Two Tips to Remember for an Easy Installation of Your Honda Civic Window Visor

    Your Honda Civic window visor allows you to enjoy your ride especially when you prefer to open your windows. It can shield your interior from the different weather and road elements from the outside. It also helps to provide shade. In addition, your window visor can reduce the noise from the air drag while allowing fresh air to enter your vehicle. Aside from its purpose as a protective component, your window visor also enhances the style of your window as it is made to blend in the style of your vehicle.

    If you need a replacement or if you are just about to install a new one, the good news is that the installation is quite simple. Check out these helpful tips to get you started:

    Tip #1: Clean the surrounding areas of your window for a firm installation.

    Before you install your new window visor, you must clean the surrounding areas. This can allow your window visor to be installed firmly with no obstructions from dirt or other debris. This can also help your window visor to avoid premature wearing. You can use a degreaser for cleaning the surface because it is proven effective in dissolving thick substances. You may also use a rubbing alcohol, which is a known cleaning agent, to remove dirt thoroughly. You must also let the areas dry after washing them in order to let your window visor be attached securely.

    Tip #2: Make sure that your window visor is aligned properly.

    If you have a tape-on type of window visor, hold it in place and set marks for adjusting its proper position on top of your window. You must ensure that your window visor will be put on the correct location because you can have trouble removing it once it is installed already. On the other hand, if you have an in-channel window visor, you do not need any adhesive to attach it to your window. For these two types of window visor, make sure that you apply enough pressure so that it will have a secure placement in your window frame.