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Honda CRV Control Arm

Proper Recognition of Honda CRV Control Arm Problems

A car like the Honda CRV has a slew of parts and components that vary in sophistication. The suspension is one good example of this tough mix. Some parts of the suspension are easy to deal with, some aren't. However, it cannot be denied that the suspension bears the immense task of maneuvering the vehicle. How you wish to react towards a situation should always be translated well by the suspension. Unfortunately, with the passing of time and constant usage, the suspension won't be able to always before at a considerable level because will it gradually wear down. Additionally, suspension parts like the control arm begin to deteriorate. What the control arm does is to move the wheel vertically while still maintaining contact with the road. If something goes wrong with them, the car will be out of control. Here's how to recognize problems with your Honda CRV.

Wobbling on the steering wheel

Any disturbance on the steering wheel is not welcome. Control is extremely crucial in handling a vehicle, especially when there are other people riding the car. Wobbling on the steering wheel diminishes control in any account. Once you feel any shaking on the steering wheel that wasn't there before, inspect the control arm bushings and the control arm for any sustained substantial damage. Replacement of any defective part in the control arm is compulsory. Don't waste your time and effort repairing it and figuring out a work around.

Vibrations while steering

While rarely unusual and often downplayed, vibrations in the steering wheel could be an early warning of a failing suspension component; in this case, the control arm. Whenever you feel vibrations while steering, especially in high speeds on smooth pavement, take a look at the suspension. Although control arms are generally built tough, they can bend or detach under extreme forces.

Irregular tire wear because of camber issues

Camber wear can be best exemplified by a irregular tire wear. This originates from a misaligned camber caused by a broken control arm or collapsed control arm bushing. Once this happens, replace the worn out parts right away and seek professional help for camber realignment.

Noise coming from the suspension

Clunking and rattling from underneath the vehicle mean that the control arm might have split into two. This unsettling noise can be heard more clearly at low speeds. Furthermore, keep a close ear for clatters while driving through corners.

Unbalanced movement of the wheels

Since the control arms manage the vertical movement of the wheels, anything wrong with it will cause the wheel to move in different directions. This indicates either a loose attachment or a compromised control arm. To determine if the control arm has a problem, lift the car until all four wheels are up. Move the suspected wheel up and down and if there is little to no resistance, replace the control arm.

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