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Honda Knock Sensor

The Honda knock sensor is a tiny vehicle component mounted on the engine. It is a crucial part of the sensor system that monitors the critical vehicle functions, reporting to the vehicle computer in order to assist in its role in the adjustment of the functions of many parts and systems, keeping your vehicle performing as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Your engine needs a precise balance of air and fuel, and spark, all timed precisely to maintain an efficient combustion process. The most efficient combustion occurs at a point that is very close to detonation, which is the level at which the fuel explodes rather than burning as it should. In order to run close to that detonation point without quite reaching it, which can cause engine damage, the monitoring function of the Honda knock sensor is crucial. When detonation, or engine knock as it is commonly called, occurs there is a vibration from the force of it, which is detected by the Honda knock sensor that then transmits a signal to the vehicle computer to adjust the timing in order to stop the detonation, quieting the knock and protecting the engine parts from damage. Without this signal transmitted by the Honda knock sensor, the computer will not be able to detect the engine detonation, and the knock will not be corrected, leaving the engine vulnerable to damage if the Honda knock sensor is not promptly replaced. We carry a selection of quality replacements for the Honda knock sensor, all at great prices in our online catalog. Our secure site makes ordering your Honda knock sensor safe and easy, or our toll-free phone line can take your order conveniently as well.