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Honda Odyssey Tailgate Strut

Troubleshooting Tips for Common Honda Odyssey Tailgate Strut Problems

A well-functioning tailgate strut is an essential addition to a minivan like the Honda Odyssey. In recent Odyssey models, it is even one of the main exterior features. Tagged as a power-tailgate component, the Honda Odyssey tailgate strut allows ease of access to the truck bed. This essentially makes travelling and loading breezy, adding up to the quality of an Odyssey ride. You might want to read on for some troubleshooting tips involving the Honda Odyssey tailgate strut.

Squeaky noise

You close your Honda Odyssey's bonnet, and you hear a squeak. Curious as to what might have caused the sound, you open it again only to be hear that squeaky sound. Before looking-or listening-anywhere else for the source of the screechy noise, better head on to the tailgate strut directly. The rusty ball joints at the end of your Honda Odyssey tailgate strut could be the culprit. This glitch can be easily solved by lubricating the joints with two-cycle oil (or the gasoline mixed with two-stroke engines). Be careful not to apply oil on the strut itself! Lubrication is only needed at the ball joints.

Loose strut assembly

Ever experienced the tailgate closing suddenly? It sure must have been a nasty encounter, which might have even resulted in an injury or more. If you're one of the new owners of an Odyssey, the best way to troubleshoot this issue is to report it to your Honda dealer right away. This problem has been recognized by Honda as caused by a faulty part in the tailgate assembly, and an immediate replacement is deemed necessary.

"Cold" tailgate strut

As some things become creaky in the cold, your Honda Odyssey tailgate strut might also fail to provide support when the temperature becomes too low. Some Odyssey owners themselves noted experiencing this during the winter season. The tailgate strut just won't stay up on its own, causing further problems in the car's other functions, especially at the rear side. Since tailgate struts can be purchased at a minimum cost and can be installed easily, the most practical solution to the problem would be replacing your Honda Odyssey tailgate strut completely. This will give you and your Odyssey a new, free-from-wear lift support that can still withstand even the winter season.

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