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Honda Odyssey Vent Visor

Hassle-free Solutions to Common Honda Odyssey Vent Visor Problems

Though oftentimes overlooked, the vent visor is one of the most important parts installed on your Honda Odyssey. Usually made from high-quality plastic, this part is designed to protect you from the rain and road debris if you're driving with your window open. Unfortunately, because of constant exposure to corrosion-causing elements, the vent visor eventually causes problems. Read on to know some of these problems and the things that you need to do to solve them.

Excess adhesive

One problem that you may experience with your Honda Odyssey vent visor is seeing excess tape especially if you installed the part by yourself. If this is the case, you can try removing the tape with the help of paper towels, a soft cloth, and some vegetable oil. However, make sure that you will use your fingers, instead of razors and other kinds of abrasive material, when scraping off the tape to avoid scratching the visor and the window. What's more, don't forget to wipe off excess vegetable oil because this can make your vent visor look unpolished after some time.

Detached vent visor

Most vent visors sold nowadays can be installed on vehicles by using an adhesive tape. However, because tape can get worn out over time, some visors may fall off unexpectedly. If the ones installed on your Odyssey already have loose or detached sections, then you have to reattach it immediately. You can do this by using a J-B weld or metal epoxy that can be purchased from auto parts store. Just make sure that your visors are dry because water or moisture can compromise the adhesive quality of the epoxy.

Scratched areas

Because of flying road debris, the vent visors of your Honda Odyssey can get scratched easily. Once this happens, the visor will become an eyesore, and it will be difficult for you to see through them. If you don't want to spend a lot of money by purchasing a replacement, you can try buffing or polishing the scratches to remove them. Fortunately, you can do this at home if you have a plastic polish and microfiber towel. However, if the scratches are too deep, then you may need to wet sand the area first before using the said products.

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  • Things to Do to Get the Most Out of Your Honda Odyssey Vent Visor

    Taking care of your Honda Odyssey vent visor is an important thing to do because it serves to protect you from the rain, wind, and road debris. However, you can't do this by simply cleaning or polishing it regularly. Check out the list below for some simple tips and tricks on how you can make your vent visor last for a long time.

    Make sure that your vent visor is not loose before taking your vehicle for a drive.

    If the vent visor of your Honda Odyssey is attached to your vehicle through an adhesive, then you have to make sure that it does not have any loose sections. Usually, a stick-on visor becomes loose because of age and exposure to corrosion-causing materials. In case your vent visor is about to fall off, you'd better reattach it immediately using a metal epoxy or J-B weld. However, don't forget to allow the epoxy to set for a few hours before taking your vehicle out to make sure that the visor will not get detached unexpectedly.

    Restore your vehicle's vent visor when necessary.

    Your Honda Odyssey vent visor is designed to protect you from rain and flying debris whenever you are driving with your window open. Thus, it is only natural to see scratches on the surface of this part. However, if these scratches will not be removed, your vent visor will look old and dull, and your vehicle will look unkempt. To erase them, you can try using a plastic polish solution that can be purchased from an auto parts store. Just make sure that you will apply this using a non-abrasive material such as a microfiber towel.

    Inspect the vent visor installed on your Honda Odyssey for cracks routinely.

    Another way to make sure that your vent visor will last for a long time is by inspecting it for cracks routinely. Although your visor is made from durable materials, it can still get cracked due to various flying debris. Once this happens, water and dirt will be able to slip through the cracks and damage your vehicle's interior. Thus, it is very important to visually inspect your vent visor for cracks and other signs of damage regularly. Nonetheless, if it is cracked, you can try repairing it using a spray-on adhesive.