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Honda Oil Filter

The Honda oil filter is a very important component in your vehicle lubrication system, keeping the oil clean and free of debris that can cause abrasion and damage to sensitive engine parts. There are two main parts for which lubrication is absolutely essential, which are the pistons, to allow the to slide easily in their cylinders, and the many bearings in the engine that operate parts like the crankshaft and the cam shafts, allowing them to move freely to function with the least interference from friction as is possible. In most vehicles, the lubrication process is started by the oil pump, which sucks the oil up from the oil pan as the engine starts to run. Then the oil is run through the Honda oil filter to remove any grit or debris that can cause damage to the precise operation of the engine parts. After the oil leaves the Honda oil filter, it is squirted under pressure into the engine to lubricate the cylinder walls and bearings. The oil then runs down into the sump where the process starts again, continuing this cycle as long as the engine is in operation. The regular installation of a clean Honda oil filter along with a change of engine oil is perhaps the most important maintenance step to prolong the life of your engine. This simple step done at consistent and timely intervals can ensure the proper operation and preserve the condition of many sensitive engine parts. We carry a quality selection of Honda oil filter replacements in our online catalog at great low prices. Our secure site makes ordering your Honda oil filter safe and convenient, or if you prefer to order by phone, our toll-free phone line is just as efficient.