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Honda Oxygen Sensor

When you conduct a routine tune-up in your Honda vehicle, you probably change the vehicle's oil, inspect the spark plugs and replace used or clogged air filter, right? But wait, it seems that you are neglecting a very vital step. Most Honda owners tend to overlook their Honda oxygen sensor, but this component plays a very important role in the vehicle's performance and longevity as well.

Honda oxygen sensors are designed to do a very crucial task in the harshest of environments. It is the device that "reads" the quantity of the oxygen in the exhaust and informs the fuel injector of the amount of fuel needed by the engine to maintain the correct air/fuel ratio. The oxygen sensor in your Honda vehicle has to accurately monitor this red-hot exhaust hundreds of times per minute and convert its status into a corresponding voltage signal. The said voltage signal will then be sent to the computer in the vehicle that issues a command to adjust the fuel to obtain a correct ratio.

Just like the oxygen sensors for other vehicle makes, Honda oxygen sensor is usually positioned in the exhaust manifold downpipe before the catalytic converter of your Honda vehicle or in the middle of the two mentioned components. The speed with which your Honda oxygen sensor responds to the oxygen changes in the exhaust is really necessary to have correct fuel control as well as maximum fuel economy and low vehicle emissions.

Worn out or aged Honda oxygen sensor usually yields incorrect readings and it can lead to engine and catalytic converter problems. If you want to pass emissions test, make sure that your Honda oxygen sensor is in good working condition. Old or damaged oxygen sensor is the main cause of extreme harmful exhaust emissions as well as failed emissions tests. As they aged, Honda oxygen sensors can give inaccurate readings which can lead to waste of fuel and problems in engine performance. So the moment you discover that your Honda oxygen sensor is already defective or malfunctioning, have it replaced immediately.

  • Closer Look at Honda Oxygen Sensor

    The Honda oxygen sensor is a tiny little component that helps in the crucial job of regulating the fuel and air mixture that your engine uses to create combustion. The engine requires a precise balance of air and fuel to operate at its most efficient level, enabling it to produce the best possible engine power and performance. The Honda oxygen sensor is generally found in the exhaust pipe, and is used to detect the amount of oxygen present in the exhaust gasses, determining whether the fuel has burned as efficiently as it should. The Honda oxygen sensor transmits its information to the vehicle computer by a voltage signal that is produced by a chemical reaction within the sensor, which allows the computer to adjust the fuel air mixture as necessary. The constant monitoring of the Honda oxygen sensor is necessary at all times, as the amount of oxygen is constantly in flux, changing with air temperature, elevation, and the amount of load placed on the engine, among many other factors. If the Honda oxygen sensor malfunctions, failing to transmit its signal to the computer, it will usually default to a rich fuel and air mixture. This can make the potential for engine damage less, but is detrimental to the efficient performance of the engine, often causing poor fuel mileage, and a rough running vehicle, as well as excess exhaust emission. Our online catalog features a selection of quality Honda oxygen sensor replacements at great low prices. Our secure site makes ordering your Honda oxygen sensor safe and easy or our toll-free phone line is available for your ordering convenience. Our order processing is fast and efficient, sending your Honda oxygen sensor out quickly to be delivered right to your door.