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Honda Passport Parts and Honda Passport Accessories

Benchmarking engine capabilities, technologically advance features, and a stylish and unique body shellthese are what we would usually expect when Honda announces that it will introduce a new vehicle model. This is probably the reason why Honda fans were not too happy with the introduction of the Honda Passport. Why? Because there was nothing new with the Honda Passport except its name. What Honda promised to be a new vehicle turned out to be an old one with a new name!

The Honda Passport was a mid-size, car-based sport utility vehicle introduced by Honda in 1993 as a 1994 model and sold up until the 2002 model year. While the vehicle was a first for Honda, with the Passport being the company's very first entry to the SUV market, it was not really a brand new vehicle. Instead, the Honda Passport is a re-badged Isuzu, specifically a renamed Isuzu Rodeo. Aside from the emblem of the Passport's grille and some other few details, there was really nothing that separated its style and architecture from the old Isuzu SUV.

But while Honda wasn't able to present a new SUV in the Honda Passport, it was at least able to provide us with a real value SUV. Compared to other vehicles in its category, the Honda Passport is probably the least expensive. Yet, the vehicle does not lack any of the features and capabilities required to make it competitive in this market category. Equipped with powerful 4-cylinder and V6 engines, the Honda Passport is definitely capable of trekking the off-road trail. In terms of styling, the Honda Passport is definitely at par with all the other SUVs during its time, although we must admit that its style is a bit outdated now.

A stylish and capable vehicle with an affordable sticker price, the Honda Passport was definitely a good buy. But the off-road environment can easily strip away all the value that an economy car has and this becomes a problem for Honda Passport owners especially now that the vehicle is no longer in production and original Honda Passport parts are already rare. But while original Honda Passport parts may really be rare nowadays, replacement and custom Honda Passport parts are not. Just search for the Honda Passport part you need through the Internet and you'll surely locate it in just a matter of minutes.