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Honda Passport Wheel

There are many things to be considered in the design and manufacture of an SUV's exterior parts. The first design consideration would concern the vehicle's style. Since SUVs must be perceived as aggressive and capable on the off-road track, the exterior parts must therefore be designed in such a way that they create an aggressive look for the vehicle. Another design consideration would concern the exterior parts' strength and rigidity. The off-road track can offer all kinds of torture on the vehicle's exterior parts so it is only proper that they be made rigid and tough.

Among the many stylish, tough and rigid parts that SUVs are equipped with are the wheels. The wheels, or rims, are the round metal rings on which the vehicle's tires are fitted. Different types of vehicles used different types of wheels and they would generally vary in size, style, material and finish. Most vehicles we have today are equipped with aluminum-alloy wheels while older vehicles tend to have steel wheels. These wheels would either come bare, painted, clear-coated, polished, chromed, or covered with hubcaps (as in the case of most steel wheels). In the design of SUVs, larger wheels are generally preferred because they can improve the vehicle's handling, increase its ground clearance and make the vehicle look more aggressive.

The Honda Passport, Honda's very first entry in the SUV market, instantly received a lot of praises when it was introduced in 1993 because of its features and capabilities. As expected, the Honda Passport was equipped with a lot of high quality and high performance exterior parts and among them was the Honda Passport wheels. Standard on most Honda Passport models sold from 1993 to 2002 are aluminum-alloy wheels with stylish spoke designs. Aside from being stylish, these stock Honda Passport wheels are also tough and rigid, making them stand the torments caused by the off-road environment.

Exact replacements for the stock Honda Passport wheels should be rare nowadays, especially that this mid-size SUV from Honda is already out of production. However, you can still find aftermarket Honda Passport wheels that you can use whenever the stock wheels of your Passport gets damaged. You may also opt for custom Honda Passport rims that come in various sizes, finishes and styles that can make your Honda Passport look even more aggressive and stylish.

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