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Honda Power Steering Pump

The Honda power steering pump is one of the main components in the power steering system of your vehicle. Driven by the vehicle engine using a belt and pulley, the Honda power steering pump provides the hydraulic power for steering ease. The Honda power steering pump is a rotary-vane style pump, containing a set of retractable vanes inside a chamber. These vanes spin to pull the hydraulic fluid from the return line of the Honda power steering pump at low pressure, and then force it through the outlet at high pressure. The Honda power steering pump is engineered to provide a sufficient flow of fluid to provide adequate steering ease at engine idling speeds, so it must include a relief valve to ease pressure as the engine moves at faster speeds, causing a faster than necessary fluid flow. The amount of flow depends on the speed of the engine since the Honda power steering pump is belt driven, making such a safety valve necessary to prevent an overload of pressure to the system. The Honda power steering pump is durable and built to last, but will need regular maintenance to perform at its best. The belt that provides its power must be regularly examined for wear and changed as necessary, the fluid level in the reservoir must be checked and filled when needed, and the pulley must be examined for wear. If these simple maintenance procedures are neglected, failure of the Honda power steering pump can result. We carry a selection of quality Honda power steering pump replacement parts in our online catalog, all at great prices. Our secure site will make it safe and efficient to order your Honda power steering pump or our toll-free phone line can take your order just as conveniently.