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Honda Prelude Fender

Want to know the reason why car accidents are usually called fender benders? It is because the fenders are among the vehicle parts that easily crumples or got damaged when collisions happen. Fenders usually take the rough end when accidents occur since the impact to the front bumper usually bend the sheetmetal at the edge of the fender. And because of that, fenders are among the vehicle parts that definitely require replacement after a major fender bender, aside from the front bumper.

Fenders are the contraptions in your Honda Prelude that are installed at the side portion, just in front of the doors. It is a panel on the either side of the vehicle that's made up of sheet metal, flowing over and around the front wheels.

Your Honda Prelude fenders are mounted to perform variety of purpose. Yes, it enhances the vehicle's appearance but the protection it gives is far more important. The main job of the Honda Prelude fender is to give bigger opening which allows installation of bigger tires. Also, Honda Prelude fenders, especially those that have extended fender designs protect the wheel opening from rust and sludge formation caused by water and accumulated mud as well as road debris and frequent road bumps. There are also Honda Prelude fenders that are ergonomically designed to make the vehicle more aerodynamic and avoid wind resistance.

Since Honda Prelude fenders are jutting out, they are usually prone to bumps, scratches, dents and nicks. It is also one of the vehicle's most replaced parts, particularly after car crash. This could probably be the main reason why replacement Honda Prelude fenders are widely offered in the automotive market. These Honda Prelude fenders are crafted well to excellently help you in your replacement and restoration job. Honda Prelude fenders are available in different designs, sizes and specifications so are assured to find the one that will fit your Prelude model perfectly.

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