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Honda S2000 Parts and Honda S2000 Accessories

Continuing Honda's tradition of lightweight roadsters, the Honda S2000 is believed to have begun when it was shown at 1995's Tokyo Motor Show as a Honda SSM concept car. It was officially manufactured and introduced from the fall of 2000 up to year 2003. The name of the S2000 came from its displacement of 1997cc which was near 2000cc, following its previous S car lineup. It was a surprise to the enthusiasts and consumers alike that the S2000 is a rear wheel drive car when significantly, Honda's latest models before the S2000 where all front wheel drives, although it did follow the tradition of Honda's previous S cars which were the S600 and the S800.
One notable characteristic that the S2000 offers is its X-Bone Monocoque Frame Suspensions which showed true amount of stiffness to the car's frame. This improved both the handling of the car under strenuous conditions and its dependability in the steering giving it immense performance in the driving experience.
According to its history, the S2000 got its roots from Honda's first cars, the Sports 360 and 500. Similar to these cars, the S2000 is also a compact car, rear wheel drive as mentioned above, and a two seater roadster having advanced specification engine like the inclined four cylinder units with roller bearing crankshafts and a twin overhead camshafts plus an advanced chassis which was then similar to its predecessor, Honda's Sports 800.
Yes, Honda's Sports 800 is said to be S2000's spiritual predecessor, and with this in mind and Honda's Formula One experience, the S2000 then was made to deliver 120 bhp per litre with a red line at 9,000 rpm, while its competitors only produced just about 50 bhp from 1,000cc or more. The company itself described the S2000 as the reflection of Honda's racing heritage as shown in every aspect of the S2000's design, performance and handling. Continuously, Honda made more improvements on this model the following years. Even in 2004, Honda increased the stroke of S2000's engine replacing it with 2.2 liters thus putting out more torque and further showed better performance than ever.
Honda has a variety of Honda S2000 parts that are offered in case you need one for maintenance or for car wreck replacement, even for customization and all. Honda's S2000 parts are available all throughout the automotive dealers around the world. For additional information, one can check out magazines referring to places and stores on where to buy this performance parts, and browse around the net for more options.