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Honda Side Marker Lights

Why are Your Honda Side Marker Lights Not Flashing?

Front side marker lights are one of many safety components on most modern vehicles. They act as warning lights to increase the visibility of the vehicle, especially to oncoming traffic. Without them, you can risk damage to life and property. If the side marker lights begin to malfunction, there are ways to troubleshoot and find out the cause. Doing this is very easy and requires little to no tools. Make sure you're the side marker lights on your Honda are always functional well. Here are the most probable causes of a fallen Honda side marker light.

Bulb problem

One of the two most common problems that arise as a cause of side markers not flashing is from the bulb. Either it could be burned out, in most cases highly likely, or the contact just turned loose. Nevertheless, go ahead and see what the root cause is before driving away. Remember that you can be pulled over by the police for negligence if one of your indicator lights is not working. Most of the time the bulb can't be accessed unless the whole side marker assembly is taken off. This part is quite affordable so you can just replace it whenever you can. However, you can always choose to replace the bulb just in case.

Fuse problem

The other half of the two most common problems that makes your side marker not flash is from the fuse. Bulbs have a pretty long service life. So whenever your side marker lights uncharacteristically doesn't flash, locate the side marker light fuse right away. If you are not sure where the fuse is, consult your owner's manual. Like a bulb, a fuse could also get fried or its attachment might not be in a good place. Therefore, proper inspection is key before trying to replace anything. See if there is any blackened or corroded part by the end of the fuse. If there is anything like those, replace it right away.

Wire problem

The final and least likely to go wrong with a side marker light is the wiring that connects it to the power source. Usually, this is last checked once the fuse and bulb has been inspected and there are no problems found in them. The connection can get loose overtime due to the constant movement of the vehicle. Much worse, the wires inside the connectors might get damaged for some reason. Thus, the power won't be able to reach the bulbs. Unfortunately, there are no wire replacements for the side marker lights and problems with them constitute a total replacement.

Honda Side Marker Lights Models

  • Make Your Honda Side Marker Lights Flash All the Way

    In most contemporary vehicles, side marker lights are fitted for added illumination and indication for better directional recognition. They function as auxiliary safety lights so other drivers, and even pedestrians, from all directions will know what direction a car will be heading towards. This decreases being blindsided and reduces the risk of road accidents. Although not really very important, side marker lights adds a safety net. You know very well that a price tag can never be put on added safety. The process for maintaining and changing the marker light is relatively straightforward. Here are some of the ways you can do so.

    Bulb inspection

    Inspecting the bulb and the terminal in which it is attached to is the first way for proper care and handling of bulbs. Although bulbs could generally outlast the car, this can't be done without good maintenance. Bulbs are sort of a one and done deal so once it goes out, replacement is needed immediately. A good place to start looking for potential problems is on the filament. It's pretty much the point-of-reference when it comes to the health of the bulb. If there is any damage on it, replace it because it will definitely fail soon enough.

    Fuse inspection

    Like all the lights in your car, the signal marker light has a specific fuse that is tasked to handle the power regulation from the battery to the bulb. Without them, the bulb will short-circuit and you would needlessly change bulbs over and over again. This part wears out more frequently than others so check them out once in awhile. Furthermore, an unobstructed contact is needed between the fuse and the terminal. Therefore, clearing out any debris in between them could be the difference between a working and non-working side marker light.

    Wire inspection

    If the side marker light on your Honda flashes erratically, this can be blamed to a wiring problem. The side marker light flashes at a pace that's controlled by the blinkers. If the wires of the blinkers get messed up (grounded to be specific), your signal marker light, along with the turn signal lights could flash too fast or too slow. Test the wires directly by connecting a test light to the connection. Then check both the positive and negative terminals of the wire afterwards.