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Honda Speed Sensor

We often think that the speed of a vehicle is only important in sports cars and race cars because speed defines the quality and performance of such cars. But the measurement of vehicle speed is not only crucial for sports cars and race cars. The speed of a vehicle is also important for other vehicles like your Honda. Yes, speed measurement is important for your Honda because such measure is needed by several Honda systems for proper operation. Those systems are the antilock braking system and the engine management system. And to provide these systems with the data they need, every Honda vehicle is outfitted with Honda speed sensor.

Honda speed sensors are made up of a toothed metal disk that is basically mounted on the crankshaft and a stationary detector functions to cover a magnetic coil through which the current passes through. These metal teeth move past the coil which distracts the magnetic field. This creates a wave of pulses in the current. The input device then calculates the speed at which your car is traveling, and then makes it ready for display for you to read so that you would know. While Honda speed sensors take away our freedom to speed, it would drastically cut down on the traffic accidents.

Hence, a properly functioning Honda speed sensor is very important. With a faulty Honda speed sensor, the accurate speed rate will not be recorded by the engine's computer; as a result, the driver will be unconscious of the speed at which he is driving at the moment. So if you think your Honda speed sensor needs to be replaced, you can browse some sites from the net. You can also have it through your local store but if you want to experience hassle-free shopping, the internet is the best place to go.