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Honda Tie Rod END

The Honda tie rod is a key component in the steering system that forms the connection between the steering rack and the front wheel hub. The Honda tie rod provides stability to the front end of the vehicle, and helps in the front-end alignment as well, using a threaded adjusting sleeve to vary its length to set the toe alignment of the vehicle. Crucial to safe steering and handling in your vehicle, the Honda tie rod helps to keep the steering accurate and controlled and the tires firmly in contact with the pavement. While performing these essential tasks, the Honda tie rod is under a lot of strain during the usual every day driving circumstances and does eventually wear and need replacement. A worn Honda tie rod can be quite dangerous to drive with, so its good maintenance is important. There are a number of signs that can indicate the need for attention to your Honda tie rod. With a worn Honda tie rod, you will begin to see changes in the way your vehicle handles. The steering can become very sloppy, hard to control when cornering or the vehicle can wander as you drive. Often there are clunking noises from the front-end as you drive with a worn Honda tie rod, especially when passing over bumps or uneven surfaces. Often the front tires will wear unevenly when the Honda tie rod is in poor condition, as it is no longer able to maintain front-end alignment. If these symptoms have appeared in your vehicle it is important to check the Honda tie rod and replace it if necessary as soon as possible to keep your vehicle operating safely. We carry a quality selection of the Honda tie rod at great prices in our online catalog. Ordering your Honda tie rod is safe and easy on our secure site or our toll-free phone line can help you with your order if you prefer.

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