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The hood is an opening body panel that covers the engine in a front-engine vehicle. The hood is also considered as another type of door in a vehicle as it consists of an outer panel and inner panel. The inner panel provides strength while the outer panel functions as the metal cover.
Car hoods are often manufactured with built-in scoops made of steel, fiber glass or carbon fiber. Nevertheless, if your car hood does not have a built-in scoop you can always install one as an add-on.
Located at the front end of your vehicle, your car hood is prone to wear and tear due to collisions. Your hood is also exposed to harsh elements like rust and corrosion. Make sure your hood is always in good shape through regular check-up.
When talking about the hood, the subject of the hood strut is not far behind. After all, without hood struts, you will not be able to keep your front hood up and open. If the hood of your car seems to always be in the verge of falling, you may need to replace your hood struts. Make sure to get appropriate hood struts for your car hood to ensure good function and for your safety as well.

Hood Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Hood

    Got a crumpled Hood? Restore not just your car's original appearance but also its performance by installing only topnotch auto Hoods.
    Imagine your car without a hood. Think your vehicle's engine parts can last against harsh weather? Definitely not/ Your vehicle isn't going to look so good, either, with the engine bay exposed. These scenarios show how important this covering is. Despite its simple structure, it is one of the most useful exterior parts of your vehicle.
    As a protective component, the hood shields your vehicle's engine from rough weather. Of course, you don't want rain or snow to accumulate in the engine compartment. This covering also prevents contaminants, such as dust and other road debris, from entering your car's engine bay. These particles can cause abrasion between engine parts, leading to engine damage. Aside from keeping engine parts safe, hoods also work as aesthetic components for your vehicle, as some of them are embellished with various designs and come in different forms to add some flair to your car.
    Unfortunately, the hood's location on your vehicle makes this component prone to damage. Front-end collisions can leave it bent out of shape, especially along its edges. In such cases, your best option is to replace it. But don't fret. Hoods are easy-to-replace components. If you need a new covering for the engine, there should be several stores online that provide high-quality replacements.

  • The Automobile Basics: Hood

    As the most important system in a vehicle, the engine needs all the protection it can get. Exposure to moisture, extreme temperature, and damaging materials like dirt and rocks can promote its early failure. Car makers know this and it's the reason why they design their vehicles with a protective panel which is the Hood. In other countries, particularly in the UK, this part is known as bonnet. Due to their structure, hoods are also considered as another kind of door in a vehicle. This similarity lies in the fact that they also consist of an inner panel and an outer panel. Aside from these, hoods are designed with a sound-absorbing material on their underside portion. Due to their protective function, hoods are generally manufactured using premium-quality and durable materials. Durability is a must because the Hood is one of the parts that are usually subject to wear and tear during collisions. It will never be able to escape from dents and scratches during high-impact crashes. When that happens, car owners don't have any other choice but to find a replacement. Either that or they leave the engine exposed to damaging materials. Replacement hoods are available on various designs and finishes so car owners will surely be able to find one that suits their ride well. Besides protecting the engine bay, the Hood can also serve as an appearance-enhancer if car owners have the eye when it comes to what is aesthetically good for their ride.