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Hood Hinge

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Hood hinge failure is quite uncommon. You'll probably come across this problem only if you've been involved in a frontal collision. If that's the case, then you shouldn't be running around with damaged hinges on your car's hood.Unknown to many drivers, the hood's hinges serve one other purpose besides holding the hood-safety. In case the hood latch should fail, the hinges are there to keep the hood attached to your car. Otherwise, if you were traveling at high speeds and the latch fails, the hood could break from the damaged hinges and cause disaster and injury.Actually, even if only one hood hinge fails, a strong slipstream can topple the hood and hammer it against the windshield. You definitely wouldn't want that to happen. Make it a point to replace rusted hood hinges and spare yourself the trouble.For your convenience, hood hinges are available right here at Carparts.

• Allows hood to open and close without losing alignment

• Holds hood down in case of a collision

• Provides a direct fit